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    it is mean to be played full screen : so please press O (the letter) when you are in the menu, (or in game)

    inventory/pause : space

    right click : shoot

    left click : special item

    R : reload

    zqsd : move

    shift : aim

    9 (cheat) : get all specials and weapons

    tab : nanoprinter.

    thanks for feedback <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">)

  • The game is very cool, I want to follow an evolution of the project.

  • thank you guimaraf.

    i'll shortly make a little website on this project, so everybody interested can follow this.

    actually i've a lot of content which isnt in the game yet. i have to make more level to display everything i've already done.

    in the meantime i really would like have feedback on :



    balance ( ennemy, weapons,special )

    cost of items ( with nanoprinter )

    in the final version you will be able to use your scrap on the field to get equipement,

    or save the scrap to your ship to open new areas when you return.

    all the equipement you get or build in one zone will be lost when you go back to the ship, so the game will be about save the maximumu amount of scrap for your ship if you want to progress faster.

  • too slow on my laptop asus k95v 12gb ram 2gb video ati radeon, please remove the noise fx and all others stuffs

  • hi imothep.

    i know the game is heavy, but its probably due to a poor programming than effects.

    i'll will make a version without lights and noise. and you'll tell me.

    but to optimize the game better than that, i'll probably need some help from a true coder ..

  • First feedback will be from the forum.

    Put images of the project already in the forum.


    It was very good, I did not like having to use the space to change items, it could have been the keyboard buttons "1, 2, 3, 4" for example, maybe use a "space" key.

    The drive is very good and the lighting system is great.

    As I played only the first planet or mission, it is not possible to make a very detailed comment, I wanted to play more missions.

    The art of the game is great, I also realized that the maps are unique with each move, which is great, although it has little variation on the second part of the map.

    I found the game very easy, I only died 1 time during an explosion. To start the game is great, it does not have to be very different.

    Maybe leave few weapons and make the player use more sword / knife, be more interesting initially.

    "Nanoprinter" did not realize this in the game.

    I had no problems with the performance of the game.


    I5 6400, 16gbDDR4, Nvidia 970, is a very reasonable configuration.

    I really liked this map, but I got caught up in this part.

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  • thank you for playing !

    you reach the end of the demo the next level isnt done.

    level 1 and 2 are each one picked among 8 different level to assure a minimum of replayability

    it will be the same for level 3 and 4 .

    i agree with difficulty is easy but i let some casual player test it and they really struggle at this levels, i'm thniking to implement a difficulty level.

    i'll update soon a new version.

    to test nanoprinter : type 9 which give you full equipement , then TAB or inventory click on nanoprinter. you'll get a shop where you can use your scrap to buy equipement.

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