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  • Hi, I'm working currently on a tower defense game for android, i have general idea how it will look, and also make already simple level, but as you can see on screens or my Artstation profile: I'm 3d modeler not programmer. I tried to make it myself using construct but I encountered several problems that I can't solve. So I am looking for a team that will help me finish the project. I would like to have:

    -a real-time upgrade tower upgrade system in the game

    -handling multiresolution

    -Ad mob and in app purchase

    -game optimization

    If you think you are good at what you do and want to cooperate with me, write


    -each model from the photos is already converted into fake 3d, png file. and animated including smoke from guns

    - i already have google play developer account so it will not be a problem to release game

    - profit from the game will be shared equally by each person cooperating in its creation

    - if the game turns out to be good enough I would like to cooperate also on other projects, if you are looking for a graphic artist you can also write to me

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