Tiny's Grand Adventure - 2D, side-scrolling, shooter! Hats!!

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  • Hey guys!

    Tiny’s Grand Adventure is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter, where the player takes control of Tiny, the space dog, as he shoots his way through hordes of enemies using cool abilities to survive the onslaught and get to the end of the level. Also there are hats.

    Tiny's is being developed in Construct 2, an engine which I have had several months experience with. The game was originally made for my sister's 18th b-day. The core concept ended up being pretty fun so I took the idea and choose to develop it further !

    Tiny's is currently on Steam Greenlight, so please take the time to vote "YES!" if it's something you'd want to play/purchase on Steam!

    Steam Greenlight page is here!

    You can also find the trailer on the Greenlight page. Feel free to give feedback/ask any questions about the game's development and I'll try to respond asap !

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