Time challenger : time scaling dungeon crawler

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  • Hi all,

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Doomky an inexperencied game creator ( by inexperencied, i mean, i have never work on a real video game).

    I want to make a dungeon crawler game focused on scaling.For instance, you have 10 min and you must scale the most as you can, at the end of timer you have to fight a boss. So, the time is a very important thing in the game...

    Anyway, i create this topic because i know i will need help soon...

    Oh yeah, and sorry for my "bad" english, i'm french

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  • In retrospect I think it's better to A: See what you can actually make in a game language and then B: Dream up some idea based on what you can make.

    Dreaming up an idea then trying to actually make it (the exact opposite) is really hard.

    What can you make so far?

  • Hi Callan S,

    Yeah, I agree with you and it's actually my way of doing A.

    I have bigger ideas of videogames I would like to create but I know I can't "reach" them, i'm not enough experimented yet. I just wanted to set a "theme" to my game, that's why I talk about my game like if I was dreaming without even starting to make my game, you're right I shouldn't talk of my game like this.

    But don't worry if something I want to make is really too hard I will leave behind this thing.

    To answer your question: I don't know but working on this project help me to judge my abilities.

    As of today, i have made "the basics" for the player (movements, level system including XP and HP progressing W/ level and shooting system), and for Monsters ( with a detection range which when crossed, the monster focus the player and following him).

    Right now I'm working on items. I want to create a firing system with 2 parameters: the number of bullets by shoot (to make "double-shoot","triple-shoot"...) and the number of bullets by salvo.

    Thank you for your opinion, I understood well what you wanted to tell me. I'm taking notes.

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