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  • Hello everyone,

    Very nice to join your community. I'm totally noob with construct2. It's the first time i ever use it.

    I'm developing a game for my univercity thesis statement and i could use some help if you are willing.

    Also i'm sorry in advance for my bad english.

    Let's get to the point.

    The game i'm developing is for kids primary school. The purpose of the game is kids having fun and learning math at the same time.

    I already have my graphics ready and i need some help with my event sheet and how the game will work.

    I forgot to mention that the final game must run on android. Im just making a PC version first so i can be sure it works properly.

    The two first images are what I have done already and the last one is what I want the game to look like.

    The bird travels towards the castle. If someone press the wrong answer he lose life. If the bird reach the castle he lose life again. If he finds the right answer a new bird come out with a new calculation. I need random numbers and random possition on the buttons for every number and the solution every time.

    Everything I made in the event sheet is a trial for how it works and how i will put them together.

    Every help will be great.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Please guys i really need your help anything you can tell me

  • Here's a start. Needs:

    The random array plugin makes it easy to generate unique 'wrong' answers, in a controlled way. ... plate.capx

    Edit: I forgot to clean up the naming. Delete the RandomArrayRight, and ignore the 'left' part of the RandomArrayLeft. I started out doing something different, but only one RandomArray is needed in this example.

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  • I've already made the random numbers problem with a simplier way. Thanks for the reply. I progressed the biggest part of the game today. I think i did ok. I will post some progress for you to tell me your opinion soon.

  • Hey guys. I stuck here. I think i made a little progress. Now i'm trying to loop the enemy generation after he dies and keep my lifebar untouched but i can't. Any suggestions?

  • Hey,

    what do you mean by you can't? The screenshots are too small for me to recognize anything

  • I want to make a loop so when the monster dies one new comes up with new numbers and the health work properly but i cant. Any suggestion?

    (If you right click the images and open image url you can see the full image)

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