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  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44710358/Masarkra%20pod%20Berlinem/index.html

    First weird bug

    game have inexplicable bugs, sometimes you cant destroy plane, its weird because each plane have variable 'hp' so when bullet hits plane system substract hp and when hp is 0 or under 0 > destroy. Everyone know that condition and event. Even is it so simple that cause bug when this bug is 'activate' you cant destroy any plane:(

    Second bug

    every time when each enemy has created system add 1 to global variable called 'maxkills'

    when you destroy enemy add 1 to global variable called 'kills' and when level is finished i compare this two values

    when kills is 96 and max kills is 96 and you have 3 stars, 'PERFECT' sprite is visible but problem is, when you play and even if you destroy all enemies you can get 95/96 or 97/96 (how to hell its possible???)

    Anyone have that kind weird bugs?

  • These are going to be bugs in your code, so without seeing the code, it will be impossible to identify the problem.

  • blackhornet i forgot add, that bugs happen randomly, so if this bug in code this should happen everytime.

    if you have to destroy 50 planes sooner or later bug can happen or maybe not. Thats so confusing

  • No, that's no guarantee that it will happen every time. Otherwise you are suggesting that the bug is in C2, which would happen to a lot of people!

  • Random bugs are usually to do with picking and collision (points, collision speed etc), rather than C2 itself.

    Try isolating sections of your code so you can concentrate on one issue at a time. Developing your own debug routines is an important part of game development.

    Providing a .capx will always be preferable, but it's understable that it isn't always an option.

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  • zenox98 too bad but i should spend one day to look whats going on.

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