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  • Greetings to all who are interested in this topic! Sorry for my English, I use a translator, I hope you understand. I am trying to create a fighting game based on physics. As many know, the use of such a scheme strongly loads system. Since I did not have the opportunity to test a game on multiple devices, you will forgive assist in this matter.

    Now I would like to talk a little bit about the game and the gameplay. It's pretty fun game where the animation hits and reactions to them, is unique (without the use of sprite (frame) animation). All movements are built on the laws of physics. Currently the project is at a very basic level of creation, so there may be bugs and so on. It is also not made the normal functioning of the game menus, and is completely absent sound.

    Control of the game: to strike, press and hold any of the 4 buttons in the right corner of the screen (it is worth a little getting used to the shock, namely to learn how to choose the holding time depends on the situation), and each of these buttons corresponds to one of the limbs of the character. To jump needed a double tap on the button "A" or "B" (they are responsible for the right and left foot). To turn the character - a double tap on the tics (responsible for walking). If you tap on the screen anywhere, then the character "shoot" chain with a kind of harpoon to the end (can be hooked into the trees, and to attract enemy weapons). Long press anywhere creates a random size box. If you hold your finger on the "chest", falls randomly weapon (if the character next to the weapons, there will be a button to raise it. The enemy will take up arms too). If any management problems, ask questions, I try to answer. Also welcomes constructive criticism and suggestions on the draft.

    But still, the main task is to determine the performance of the game on different devices. Personally, I tested on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, 48-60 FPS range shots, averaging 55. If you want to help, I ask you to report your phone model and information on the FPS (you can find out by looking at the FPS counter in the game on top of the screen).

    Thank you all in advance!

    Download: dropbox.com/s/r8xrl82is5g66xo/skull.cordova.crosswalk.201609303919.zip

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