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  • dota2.pe/juggbeta2

    Give me your opinion

  • Character and enemy graphics are pretty nice. The wizard and the rock golems are especially nice. They're very difficult to defeat though - there's no good way to evade the rock attacks.

    Overall pretty cool so far!


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  • Some nice gfx and animation you got there. The controls feel well thought out. Music is also cool.

    I believe combat is not where it's supposed to be yet; what's your intended player behaviour in combat? atm i stand in front of my enemy and mash the attack button.

    Getting close, placing a hit and jumping out could probably be a valid strategy too, but seeing that i'm actually interrupting the enemy's charge up makes me think this is probably an exploit rather than per design. It's also reptitive atm due to the enemy's high health.

    At least the simple Rats should probably allow for a defeat hitout being hit when leveraging the mechanics correctly. but in swarms they just surrond you and drain your health.

    In my opinion each enemy should offer at least one strategy for perfect victory. Those strategies should becomes increasingly harder (and fewer) with progress of the game. Right now i feel that is not really a consideration.

    But there are other approaches as well, so make of my feedback what you will

    Flesh this out more, i think this can be awesome!



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