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  • Taschengold is a simple turn based strategy game.


    It's german language only for now, maybe i translate it to english later...

    You can play the game with one or more (up to 4) character.

    You can play as a single player (unsing 1..4 character) or play with friends (no LAN) coop or in a battle for gold.

    Explore huge dungeons filled with treasures, weapons and monsters.

    Collect, equip (and probably share) weapons, armor, wands, spellbooks and fight the hordes of monsters in the dungeons.

    This is an early beta preview but i would love to get feedback from you!

    Short english description so far:

    You can move your character(s) within the highlighted area.

    Stand beside an object to collect it or a monster to attack it.

    Collected objects are put in your treasure chest (left button) - press it to open and equip weapons, wands, spells and armor to your slots (click them to put them to a free slot or drag&drop them even over an used slot to replace)

    Drag&drop health potions (red) on your player gui character to use and refill you health.

    Attack monsters to clear passages to the dungeons, use keys (silver) to open chests or (gold) to open doors.

    Use lever to open gates and stairs to move to hidden rooms.

    If attacked, press the player dice (or the monster) to attack it - or flee!

    The gui:

    Player, moster and objects have a simple gui:

    top left is the armor value, top right is the attack value, on the button is the health value.

    Worthy items show their value on the bottom right: goldvalue

    hitpoint calculation:

    hitpoints = basic character power + used weapon power + random dice chance - enemy armor (all > 0).

    (weapon and armor will be demaged over time)

    One turn (MP):

    Each player can do the following at his turn: collect, equip, walk, open, [opt. fight], collect

    if you stand beside objects, you always can collect them

    you can always (but not while fighting) open your treasure chest and equip objects

    if you stand beside monsters you will get attacked (you have the first strike) or you can flee (especial if a monster is too strong ("!" at the top of the monster)

    You can move one time each turn - if you reach an object or monster collect and/or fight.

    The main goal is to become rich - collect as many gold as possobel, but be warned!

    The monsters will get stronger and there are boss monsters arround.

    btw. - some monster will follow you, some will guard doors and treasures.

    Explore everything - there could be gold behind.

    Please ask if there is something not easy to understand.

    The game is still WIP - so not all features are implemente now.

    The Level is a testlevel, full of many objects to test - not finished for now and still growing.

    give it a try and please post feedback: TaschenGold


  • The COOP-mode is now available!

    Select two or more player to activate the COOP-mode. Select 'Gemeinsam' to play coop or 'Gegeneinander' to play a battle game.

    In the COOP-mode you can change the player character by clicking it (or with the player selection above the player gui).

    In COOP-mode you can even change the character while in a battle to join the fight and help your friend.

    play taschengold

  • Looks really interesting, but i think a english version would be verry helpful for the other forum users to give you more feedback. I dont have the time to test it at the moment but maybe i give it a try next weekend.

    PS: was this project the reason why you didnt test my game? (-;

  • Cryttexx - hope you like it!

    Meanwhile i finished the first level(and did a lot of tiny things to make Taschengold better).

    Click to play...


  • A lot of updates!

    Leveldesign (1st MP-Level), new items, new sounds and many tiny fixes...

    And two new game modes:

    kill all monsters

    - the game is over, when all monsters in the level are killed


    - the game ist over when the time runs out

    and of cause the

    open game

    - find the exit - the first player leaving the level end the game

    A new scoreboard will shown at the end of the every game:

    AI (wip):

    Currently i'm working on the player AI.

    Each character can be played by AI - each character will have it's own unique strategy to win the game...

    stay tuned...

    Clíck an image to play Taschengold...



    All character settings are shown by tooltip-book in the menu...

  • News from the Online-RPG 'TaschenGold'

    We created a new menu to give the new levels more room.

    New level - 'Monster Party!' is playable in SP and MP and it offers

    an new magic item: Der Sammler

    Der Sammler is - once in use - a helpfull rucksack.

    It collects all surrounding gold automatically!

    This saves a lot of clicks!

    BUT - it locks a probably needed slot!

    please post feedback: TaschenGold

    Here you can see how it plays...

    ...and how to use...

    KI is still WIP, but it becomes better and better (not available - sorry too confusing )

  • Several changes on TaschenGold.

    A new level: Schnell zum Ausgang!

    This level is getting more tricky.

    Another new features:

    • Version-Check (checks each start for updates)
    • a new short description of the game mechanics:
  • Next 2 levels are finished:

    Level 3: 'Schnell zum Ausgang' (en: 'Leave it!')

    Level 4: 'Geister? Unsinn!' (en: 'Ghosts? - nonsens!')

    Furthermore I'm currently coding the AI - fist step is finished (get KI area values) - stay tuned...

    And please clear the browsers cache to play the most current version (>=0.66)

    play TaschenGold - clear the dungeons and grap all the gold & treasures...

  • Two new pages for "Die Würze":

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  • News from TaschenGold! (v. 0.682)

    There is a new (short) tutorial level available and several bugs are fixed!

    Time to play the most current version of TaschenGold (0.682): play TaschenGold

    We have also a sound designer for better sounds and music!

    The title song now is finished and a new background loop for level 'Schnell zum Ausgang'.

    Meanwhile I'm working on the level generator and the player AI..

    (but this meight take a while to publish - it has to be roch solid and fun to play before I publish it... stay tuned)


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