TappyShark with working Facebook integration (WIP)

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  • Hi!

    I released the WIP/Beta of my little TappyShark Game on Facebook. It´s based on Flappy Bird, but a lot more polished. And it has full Facebook integration with real Top10 Players and not only your friends...

    ...and that´s the part I need YOU... Please give it a try and test the functionality of the Highscoresystem and give me some feedback.

    Thanks in advance!

    Here is the Link: https://apps.facebook.com/tappyshark/

    And a screenshot:

    I hope you enjoy it...


  • Wow, Very nice! Very polished. Now the questions begin... any chance you care to walk through some of your integration in terms of showing the top scores, user pics, etc... or is it all standard stuff from the facebook plugin? Also, did you go letterbox scale with it?

  • Oh, and currently sitting in 2nd place with 450...

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  • BluePhaze

    first of all, nice score - more than my wife got^^ And next to your questions:

    1. top scores are stored in a mysql database together with the facebook user id and the players name

    2. these informations come from the facebook plugin

    3. cause you normaly only see your friends scores in facebook games, I decided to do it this way

    4. the pictures are loaded thrue facebooks graph-api and basd on the user id

    5. post score actions are based on tokens (The Posts on your Feed, when you get a new Highscore)

    6. and I didn´t try to go letterbox scale, because for me this was only a test of integrating facebook into construct

    and I can say, integration works (with some minor bugs)... but it´s not very usefull until scirra will release a facebook-plugin with all features implemented. Actual it´s a lot of try and error.

    best regards and thanks for testing


  • Kuschelbauch I am currently working on a couple of games that will be put on Facebook, how much of what you have for the scores, etc.. can be done out of the box with the Facebook Plugin (no PHP or Database, etc...)

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