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  • TITLE: Tap-N-Bop

    Genre: Carnival style

    Platform: Android

    Challenge: 4 levels of difficulty

    Remember Whack-A-Mole from the carnivals? Or how about Whack-A-MOUSE from Chuck-E-Cheese? I'm aiming to bring my own spin to this classic arcade game to play right on your phone! Unlike your garden-variety whacking, though, there will be a handful of power-ups (and downs!) to make things a little more interesting.

    A giant mallet!


    And even a "bullet" mallet!

    ...just to name a few.

    Tap-N-Bop will feature four levels of difficulty, which includes just a few targets to bop...up to TWENTY! Various targets will pop-up and retreat with different speeds and some will even take several bops to beat! This ain't your daddy's arcade game, folks!

    UPDATE 3: 11/9/14 - Tap-N-Bop - http://elf-games.com/mmiller/tapnbopdemo

    The "full" game is now slightly more rounded out! Select your difficulty level and start tapping! Then choose to play the level again or select a different one. While the foundation is still being laid down, TnB is playable and hopefully you'll feel a tinge of challenge beginning to come forth.

    Once again, the game is best played via your phone, but still accessible by your PC.

    This build includes:

    • Five levels with an increasing number of possible targets each and less time to reach the point goal. (This will eventually morph into the level of difficulty mentioned in my overview of the game above.)
    • The more targets you tap, the more frantic things become.
    • Targets shake a split-second before they disappear - don't miss that extra point!
    • Point goals to reach to complete the level (not yet fully implemented).
    • A special message to a young friend at the end of the level!


    UPDATE 2: 11/1/14

    Still so much to add and refine, but the game now plays in a full circle. Tap all the targets to get the best score you can, and then, when it's over, tap a simple button (temporary feature) to start over. For an added little visual, every tap will display the reward or penalty.

    • Play a "full game"!
    • Score points by tapping the green circles!
    • LOSE points - or even precious seconds - when you miss!


    UPDATE 1: 10/29/14

    This is just the beginning...

    For the best experience, load via your mobile browser.

    This build includes:

    • Setting up the foundation for the game play.
    • Getting the basic targets to generate.
    • Destroying the targets based on time-out or on tap.
    • Displaying the score and timer.
    • A little "pizzaz" when the target is tapped.

    Nothing too flashy yet, folks. I hope you'll stick around for more! Thanks!

    BIG thanks to Ed Farias ( ArcadEd ), developer of the amazing fun Hungry Hal (for Android and iPhone!!!), and Daniel West ( ), developer of the upcoming platformer Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity, for their continued support, encouragement, and guidance as I work my way closer to the big leagues!

  • Hey man,

    that looks like a start! Keep it up

    Do you partner with Ed like in an indie team, the URL seems to be from his Website



  • Beaverlicious - Thanks! I surely will see this through.

    Ed and Daniel are indie dev buddies. They've been helping to guide me as I grow in my craft. And Ed graciously allotted space on his server account so I could upload my game. Someday I will get my own so I can use my own "company" name.

  • Rhindon good to see you're still making stuff! I must install gtalk on my pc so we can chat again.

  • Wrangler - That I am, man. Still trying anyway...TRYING... Heart-talk for just a moment, it's been rough. I'm still that newb-of-indie developers. BIG dreams...LOTS to learn...HUGE, FRUSTRATING struggles to make it all a reality. Anyway, I'll see this through and deliver.

    And I look forward to catching up with you! Just message me when you get the chance. Unless I'm at work, I should be able to reply most any time.

  • NEW UPDATE: 11/1/14

    Play a "full" game.

  • NEW UPDATE 11/9/14

    Selectable levels and a few new features!

  • sir can u send us a sample capx of this game? Thank you i advance.

  • seraphin: Sorry, but I cannot do that. There is the demo that's available to try, though.

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  • can u give us a link sir? thanks in advance

  • seraphin: It's right up there in my original post. You can't miss it.

  • how to put a game time sir in c2?

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