TankZ- My first game!

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  • Hi!

    After 2 weeks I finally made it!


    Please tell me what's wrong with it and what shouldn't be changed.

    (I know... everything)

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  • I like it and there's a lot of room for imporvement too

    Some points though:

    • The first time the game loaded it took a little bit(over 3 mins), not sure if this has happened to anyone else. After that though, when refreshing or re-opening the game in another tab It came up quickly.

    When playing under the solo person Icon:

    • I was able to control both tanks, the yellow and purple(pink?) tank with the keyboard. Though, I controlled the purple/pink tank fine, I was never able to fire with the yellow one.
    • When using either tank and making them bump against the green objects along the playfield they would bounce back a bit, slowing them either when going forwards or backwards alike. The object would desappear too.
    • When accelerated both back and fort, the tanks would continue along until stopping on their own after having left go of the forward and backward keys.
    • The two power ups on the field (the other icons on the top and bottom along the middle) seem to work just once and fine too.
    • I wasn't able to leave the stage until defeating a tank or refreshing.

    When playing under the computer Icon:

    • I was able to move, shoot and target with the green tank.
    • I was able to break the bricks after shooting at them a pair of times but the structures were unbreakable.
    • When accelerated or backed up, just like in the previous mode, the tank would speed away until stopping on it's own after letting go of the keyboard arrows.
    • When the green tank was defeated the sound of shooting kept on if I continued to click on my mouse.

    Small quick suggestions:

    • Add a pause function.
    • Add a menu when in pause to continue or quit to go back at the main screen.
    • Fix up bouncing against objects.
    • Fix single player controlling both tanks in solo mode(make AI for the free tank?) And let player choose one of both tanks?
    • Fix acceleration after letting go of the movement keys.
    • Add a healthbar or progressive animation to show damage.

    Overall though, it is a game that has a lot of potential, specially if farther ahead you develop a multiplayer feature and other things too.

    I'm looking forwards to how it goes and keep up the good work!

  • Thank You for Your opinion, description is very comprehensive.

    About yellow tank shooting: I wanted it's controls to be handy, so the "num0" on the left is the most comfortable button in my opinion.


  • I was testing it on my laptop keyboard and sadly I don't have that specific "num0" key you mark in the picture on it, just the other one with the alligned numbers under the F buttons.

    As soon I get on a desktop I'll try it again

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