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  • Hi all,

    The game I have been developing now for a while with the aid of Buko Studios is now very close to completion...

    It is a visual novel game that includes a fun battle mini game inside it. You play as an assassin sent to an academy to find a terrorist leader and stop them before they can... etc.

    I don't want to give the story away.

    Anyway please you can check more details our on my steam greenlight page (please vote yes as we are doing well but could use another boost)


    Or you can even get a copy on our very successful kickstarter expansion campaign that is currently underway:


    The Swords of Edo game is based on one of the characters from a graphic novel series I have also released.


    Any support would be welcome.


  • Oh wow @, you made this with C2?

    I used to try making visual novel but failed.

    I gave you a yes on steam, i really want to but i can't pledge because i'm basically broke now.

    But yeah, i will support you in anyway i can. Best wish for your project.

  • Oh dude, you truly make some great artwork there... I wish I could be a backer on Kickstarter but I dont have a card xD. It looks great, my only thougth is on the typeface style of the main title, it seems a "lil bit too dark".

  • Nice video. The presentation is very well

  • Well done on getting funded a few times over!

  • Beautiful artwork, just like watching anime, very professional.

  • Hi all, thanks, glad you all like the look of it, and every yes vote on Steam helps, and if you know anywhere to post about it, it all helps.

    We are currently just working on the battle mini-game at the moment.

    A kind of hybrid between street fighter style combo animations and final fantasy turn based combat.

    The early version of the battles are really starting to come together, so that hopefully we might even have a playable demo very soon.

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  • Congrats for kickstarter campaign I voted yes for greenlight!

  • Thank you, the campaign is close to the 600% mark, or 6k, and I am working on a separate mini-game as part of it that we hope to release on mobile devices eventually. Steam is close to 50% of the way to the top 100 as well and well we are almost ready to release a demo of the early beta for players.

  • The project looks fantastic, can't wait to see more!

    And congratulations on the Kickstarter, that's a great result (and still 9 days to go). Obviously lots of of people out there have recognised the potential the game has!

  • Hi everyone, just want to give an update on how the development of the game has gone. After over 12 months of development of the game with Construct 2 I am afraid that we have accepted defeat and moved to a new development platform.

    In this case we have moved to Renpy, recently it has had some massive updates which have made the free visual novel creation tool just so much better for development. We really wanted to use construct 2 for the game but it simply started to fall down a bit when we wanted to use very large graphics and sprites.

    Swords of Edo currently includes over 30 different high resolution 1280x720 detailed backgrounds and a hundred plus individual character sprites and animations and sadly loading all that seemed to cause C2 some issues. Renpy however loads it all seamlessly as it was designed as a dedicated platform for this kind of game.

    Anyway we love working with C2 and will continue to do so with our other games but for now it seems Renpy really is the best if you want to make a visual novel game.

    Swords of Edo is now in the top 100 games on steam greenlight and is about a month or two away from final release.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the game development so far.

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