Sword of the Samurai - Open Source Remake with Construct 2

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  • Hello everyone,

    About a year ago I spent several weeks working on a Construct 2 remake of the wonderful classic Sword of the Samurai by MicroProse.

    Parts of the project are in a fairly advanced state now, but other parts still need a lot of work. Since I don't always have the necessary time and for other reasons, I decided to post the entire project and assets on GitHub and open source it for you. This way, if any one of you feels compelled to play around with and/or add to the project, parts of it might someday be finished, yet.

    Right now, the game is comprised of 4 projects:

      1. The Meta-Game, which includes the (handcrafted and very proud of it) map of Japan, the World Map and the entire family/rivals/story/quest logic and implementation. This one is in the most advanced development state - the logic is nearly finished as it is. The projects needs balancing, in parts visual overhauls and bug fixing. 2. The Battlefield Game, which allows you to control units of independent soldiers of different classes, in a Total War, 2D top-down style (see screenshot). The mechanics here are fairly advanced as well, with the positioning logic being as good as done. It requires samurai sprites for the units (which are already partially included in the Castle/Rescue Game mentioned below - I had someone do them for this project specifically). It also needs considerable fine tuning and balancing, better fight-logic, different starting scenarios etc. This part of the project also has the biggest potential for further improvement, like adding terrain as a factor for speed and strength, possibilities to hide in trees/fields etc. I had originally intended to make this battle engine a stand-alone game in itself - it still has the potential for it. 3. Then there is a Duel Game, which uses Spriter and features a side-view duel. This requires lots of loving all around. 4. And finally, a Castle/Rescue Game which uses a dungeon simulator to create a different castle each time, from which you can save the princess/kill your rival/ etc. The castle generation, some logic and some AI is done, but I'd say this one needs the most work, still.

    These are, as of now, separate Construct 2 projects that would need to be brought together eventually but should absolutely be enjoyable by themselves. Here are some old posts I had written about the project.

    The code in the Construct 2 projects is commented extensively. Still, due to the complexity of the whole thing, especially the meta-game, you might still need some time to get into it, but if you have any questions please feel free to gather them and ask. I'll try to answer as fast as time allows.

    (P.S. You will require several plugins, depending on the project you're looking into. If you have problems locating any of them, please ask and I'll look for them).

    (P.P.S. If you use the assets/components of these projects in anything other than this game, I would greatly appreciate it if you mentioned the source and left a comment here)

    (P.P.P.S. In case you wonder why sometimes it says "Life of the Samurai" in GitHub, that was my working title)

  • Also set the plugins used to download the Git or forum.

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  • Nice post, this was an amazing game and I wanted to ask if anyone has been working on this project since the posts?

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