Sword of Fireheart - now on steam Greenlight!

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  • Dario, a swordsman who lived in a quiet village, back from a trip and finds his village completely frozen, including all people. Now he must look for a way to bring his friends back to normal and save the village.

    Now is on Steam!!

    Thank you all! The game received the Greenlight some time and it was so amazing that I didn’t know what to publish so far. Before being contemplated, I was preparing many new features and improvements to the game, after the news I tried to further streamline the process of improvement in order to show some updates in few time.

    well… after a while, I bring some news ??

    The game now has a dozen improvements, starting with the new interface. The gameplay and mechanisms have also been improved to accommodate better the story and give more fun and comfort to the player.

    The game is also being implemented to work entirely with joypad controller (if the player wants), or keyboard and mouse.

    soon we will launch the early access, check our store for more details > http://store.steampowered.com/app/503490/

    The whole game is done through clicks, my intention from the beginning, is to leave the very similar gameplay with Ragnarok, and create a reason for the player to explore the story as it evolves his character and learn battle strategies.

    Dario, the protagonist, has the ability to attack with swords, and as he gains experience and level, it can distribute attribute points to 6 types of attributes, namely:

    Force [STR] – Add more power to attacks.

    Agility [AGI] – Increases the ability to dodge some attacks, and increases your movement speed.

    Vitality [VIT] – Increases the maximum HP, HP amount and the speed per second recovered at idle.

    Intelligence [INT] – Increases the power of magical attacks, MP amount and the speed per second recovered at idle.

    Dexterity [DEX] – Increases the speed of the player’s physical attacks.

    Lucky [LUK] – Increases chance to critically strike.

    The equipment add attributes to the player which can be defense (Def), attack force (Atk) or points of Agi, Int and Dex.

    The blue color represents items to the head;

    The color red are weapons;

    Purple color represents accessories;

    The brown color are items for the body;

    The gray are items to the feet

    The player can carry up to 5 different items in your bag.

    To use an item you must click two times on the desired item icon. If you can't use the item, nothing will happen.

    Items with Hp + are responsible for healing the player’s life.

    Items that are not green, when clicked are sent to the equipment inventory.

    Crystal item will save the game whenever the player is not being attacked or pursued.

    Key items will only work when the player is close to locked doors.

    There are 3 classes of creatures: peaceful, neutral and aggressive.

    Peaceful only attack you when you attack them, otherwise they live freely without disturbing anyone.

    Neutral are almost identical peaceful, but if one creature is attacked, all the others that are seeing the player will attack too.

    Aggressive always attacks when given the opportunity, so is good be careful with these creatures.

    The creatures also have defense, attack and agility points. The defense points will leave the sturdy creature against the player attacks. Attack points increase the creature’s attack force and agility points increase movement speed and creature’s speed attack.

    Every creature will give a sum of different experience for the player, usually the sums will be higher for more dangerous creatures.

    Also when defeated, the creature will drop an item, every kind of creature leaves a different item, therefore the player will have to defeat them all if want items.

    This game is the first RPG I’m doing, so I thought I’d be more economical in the proportions and amounts of things.

    In total there are 11 maps with different sizes, themes, items and monsters, and the overall story of the game is very short, I want to create sequences of chapters for each game, explaining the full history of the Sword of Fireheart universe. We can say this is the first chapter of the sequence

    I always had this dream of creating an RPG game, but only with my wife encouraging me I managed to create something amazing. So I dedicate all this game to her :3

    Gillenew – Artist, sound designer and programmer.

    Rayane (my wife) – Screenwriter, art helper and my heart (Gillenew).

    Official Devlog: http://gillenew.com/swordoffireheart/

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/swordoffireheart/

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/swordoffirehear

  • Really impressive! I like so much the rpg games old style and i think that this one will be spectacular!

  • Thank you argail when I started making this game, I thought I'd make it to PC, and launch on the greenlit, but I'm to scared for this yet hehehe

    In fact I still need to finish some things, like magic attacks.

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  • Looking good! It's got some nice atmosphere going with the awesome pixel art!

  • Thank you

    I still want to greatly improve this art, but for now this is what I could do

  • I added more relevant information here, for those who want to know more of the project

  • New cover art :3

    Deviant Art full version

  • Hey Gille, it's looking good. Love that Title.

    Is it just me or is there a bit of jankiness with the hero's walk animation, like perhaps 1 frame is a tiny bit off? Attack animation feels great though. Nicely done.

    My only suggestion is to change the music, have some kind of ambient background music for just walking around (like the wind or something) and then play some battle music when you start fighting.

  • Hi GenkiGenga and thank you for your reply. The walking animation has 1 frame more than I would like but I fit it anyway and was camouflaged, the problem is precisely that the camera can't follow the character so abruptly as I did.

    I just released a video debuting my new workstation for game develop >

  • Hey guys, I just publish the game on Greenlight, please support this game


  • Hey guys, I just publish the game on Greenlight, please support this game


    Looks good, I voted

  • thank you Prominent

  • Voted!


  • Thank you so much SoldjahBoy \o/

  • voted. I got you bro.

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