Swipe Puzzle under 50 events

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  • hi, I made a new post on the forum, I have a problem because you have developed a similar project idea that I want to realize all I'm allowed to download the capx and post it in my post, I would like to ask you if you could help me, please ! I need to create a swipe of color blocks in line like you did but not that add color randomly! basically to me serves only a 4x4 façade but with these differences: - unless you delete or are eaten colors - do not add other squares, if there are 16 squares remain as just - to solve the puzzle you have to simply align all you could see That I created the post?

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  • Oh Hi HEXAD

    I just get late notification. Don't know wether the notification system work properly or not.

    Could you refer the topic you are about to discuss. I'll see if I can give a hand.

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