Swansong (2D Metroidvania DevLog)

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  • Hi guys!

    So I've already been working several months on this prototype.

    The game is called Swansong, and it's your typical Metroidvania with RPG and rogue-like elements.

    My biggest infleuences were old Prince of Persia and Dark Souls

    The swan song (in ancient Greek: ????e??? ?sµa) is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death.

    So far what's implemented:

    -Platforming mechanics: run, jump, wall jump, wall glide, ledge climbing, ledge hanging, drop off a ledge, ladders

    -Basic combat system

    -Basic In-Game menus

    -Character Selection menu (characters can be customized: tribes and heads)

    For more GIFs: http://vertexzero.tumblr.com/post/121142137508

    And some images:

  • Looking good so far! The movement looks nice and smooth and it sounds like you have a good base from which to work off of.

    Can't wait to see more.

  • Thanks!

    I already have planned a rough layout of the story, lore and even some characters, but I prefer leaving that after I have a proper prototype to work with.

    I wanted to avoid my typical mistake of doing graphics too early during developement.


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  • Small update, finally got the ladder system working properly. Also added falling platforms, and working on doors, triggers and traps.

    I hope to show more images as soon as possible.

  • nice work! I like those types of mechanics.

  • Digging both your art and mechanics.

    The platforming looks really solid and responsive. It looks like it will be fun to control.

    The art is great too. Great dithering on those helmets!

  • Thanks guys! I hope to be able to show more soon


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