Survive the Tide (Fish Survival Sim)

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  • Wooh! This is my relaxation project. I found this alot easier to build and am actually enjoying it a whole lot more because of less complexity. Anyway, I decided to work on a fish survival simulator. I hope to later have different fish to choose from (unlockable), different scenarios for each (different predators and different ways to survive). Right now I have the clownfish. In the next update I hope to have Anemone that he can hide in and a hud, as well as a hunger/food system.

    This version contains the maneuverable fish, wave effects, particles, and a test food source (not interactive yet). Be careful near the edge of the screen as there are no boundaries yet.


    Added distance sensitivity to Touch steering which should avoid any further fish "seizures". Thanks shirokuma .

    Change the steering mechanic to Touch.

    Mirror added.

    Click on the image to try it out.

    And the dropbox mirror below:

  • I was not able to open the game. I got an error about a bad gateway. This game looks great reguardless and I cannot wait to play

  • Where did you get the ambient music, very nice, and great water effect.

  • dthomasdigital I'm glad you like it! The music came from It's a piece by A.J. Edwards entitled "Arrow". Unfortunately I could not feature the entire track as the full version is 16 minutes long and massive file size. This is trimmed to about 6 minutes with looping enabled.

    yogert96 I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues accessing the site. Is it still happening? You may have tried to access while I was uploading a new version. Hmm.. Not quite sure. I may host it elsewhere if you are still having problems...

  • Nice and subtle, visuals are nice and controls feel cool. Hope to see more from this soon.

    Hurray for fishing games!!

  • This looks very cool! Please keep working on it. I love the simplicity of it and that excellent water effect helps with the immersion.

  • I too am unable to access it. I click on the link, there is a looooooong delay, and then this message:

    I get this message:

    [quote:2em4pgoc]Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    Did you mean: herobo.­com

    This is the link that is showing:


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  • Thank you all for your kind reviews. I definitely will continue working on this.



    I'm adding a new link into my first post (it'll be the image that says "Survive the Tide"). It's a drop box mirror. Hopefully this works for those of you having connection issues.

    I'm also currently aware that it is functioning differently on different browsers for me. With my version of Chrome it's unplayable, but with Torch (a derivative) it's working perfectly. Is anyone else having this issue? I wonder what would cause this.

  • It's working for me now. (Chrome Version 33.0.1750.154 m)

    It's looking good. You might consider a minimum value for mouse/touch, so that when nemo reaches the cursor/touch he doesn't go into seizures.

  • shirokuma Glad to hear. Is it the Cygna site that's working for you now or the Dropbox? Also, I was thinking the same thing about the distance to Touch. I'll make sure to fix that.

  • raster

    Only the dropbox site.

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