Survival of the Roundest - Cross-platform Shooter!

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  • This is my new game "Survival of the Roundest". I'm still working on it, but it's definitely playable!!!

    Here's the link

    First, someone on a computer goes to the link and clicks the play button, the game will automatically create a server.

    Next, the players go to the same website on their phones/tablets and click the play button. They will then enter a username, set the button size, and enter the room code on the host's screen.

    After all the players are in, the host can continue to the mission select menu and select a mission.

    After selecting a mission, the players' screens will turn into a gamepad to control their player on the host's screen.

    The players' screens will show their stats, as well as upgrades whenever they level up.

    The main goal of a mission is to survive the waves of enemies, while searching for the teleporter to destroy it, after the teleporter is destroyed, a portal will open to the boss arena. You must then defeat the boss to complete the level.

    Feel free to test the game for yourself. Any feedback is appreciated!!!



    • Added mountain map
    • Added rock golem enemy
    • Improved filter for room code
    • Improved level up upgrades

    hope you have fun testing the mountain map!!!

  • V0.4.0

    • Added Queen Evergreen and Mighty Eagle bosses
    • Added boss maps
  • V0.4.1

    • Several bug fixes
    • Functions to save/load characters (you get 3 save slots and can reset them at any time)
  • Just uploaded V0.5.0!

    • Requires confirmation to delete players now
    • Improved the way that players are moved from menus to controllers to work better
    • Fixed some bugs in the player menu
    • Added Bridge map
    • Added storm cloud enemy
    • Added angry nimbus boss


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  • V0.6.0 is now ready!

    • FIxed a few bugs for hosts and players
    • Added some more info to host's screens
    • Added survival mode (See how many waves you can last, each wave spawns more enemies)

    Hope you enjoy the update!

  • Just uploaded V0.6.3

    • A few bug fixes
    • Changed bridge map a little bit
    • Added feature to select color manually (instead of host automatically assigning one)
  • Just uploaded V0.7.0

    • This version adds lots of features to allow players to connect in-game instead of right when a server is created
    • fixes players leaving mid-game causing issues
    • Fixed some connection bugs
  • Very interesting idea.Recommend making other games with better graphics with this system

  • Very interesting idea.Recommend making other games with better graphics with this system

    I'd love to make more games like this with better graphics, but I'm not very artistic. I do, however; like the programming part of making games which is why I find this concept so cool.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Just uploaded V0.8.0

    • This version just adds a new map; the Village map
  • Yeah feel you.Same problem.

    I recommend you get inkscape(free) for some art and maybe ... s-bar-3974.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks

  • Just uploaded V1.0.0

    This update adds the 5th map, the "Ruins"

    It also adds the "Ancient Statue" boss

    Also, I added a few more features to handle disconnections/reconnections better

    Hope you like it!

    P.S. next update I'm going to add a PvP mode!

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