SuperBit Monochrome Gameboy Game in development (Photo)

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  • Ok I love making games and love it even more when others enjoy the games I make. This next piece of art is SuperBit (name may change) currently under development. With this game I want to give android gamers a piece of history and a great game!! If everything goes right and I have a few days where I can knock out 6-8 hours of coding it should be coming in a week or 2. Enjoy!!

  • Why does the little guy look like Hitler?

  • Why does the little guy look like Hitler?

    Haha you have a crazy imagination. Hitler has a famous mustache were my hero doesn't. I can't see the resemblance to Hitler anywhere

  • I can kind of see the resemblance, I guess. The facial features are...I wouldn't say not distinctive, but rather it's easy to mistake the nose for a mustache.

  • It's got a good looking old-school Nintendo aesthetic to it. Nice throwback! Can't wait to check it out!

  • It's a decent start. There are a few polishing issues you should sort out, most notably with the unevenness of the graphical placement (i.e. the coin spacing, the right platform's height compared to the left, etc). Have you considered enabling "Snap to Grid" in C2? Also, are you inserting your ground/other tiles as sprites, or are you using the tilemap? The latter might be more desirable than the former in this case.

    Best of luck!

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  • I want to play it

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