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  • Working on a project and prospecting the want for a template. It's as the title says. A smash brothers like template.

    Would you guys buy this on the scirra store? I plan on filling it with features! If you want to test the example check it out on my dropbox. Right now I only allowed the use of one character and there is no multiplayer implemented. Just a sandbag to beat up on the "SpawnfakeGraveyard" stage

    If you'd be interested that is awesome please leave your comments below! If you're interested in working with me send me a PM!

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  • Hey Prazon

    Hm, what are you trying to show us exactly. I'd be happy to give feedback, but with the version you give, it's basically just a character jumping and moving.

    So.. I'll still tell you what problems I noticed, But there's no real gameplay (or I didn't find it?) so I don't have so many feedbacks to give you.

    Your menu is.. argh.

    It took me a lot of time to understand how to select a character.. Which is not good!

    the "next" button is really little. And useless too.

    Why isn't the game going to the next screen when I select a character, that would be waaaay more simple!

    Also, I got a little bug. My character went litteraly in the sprite of the lvl. I was in the dirt thing. I don't know if it happens a lot but it happend the first time I played ^^

    (and I'm not sure about those "flying platforms" in the lvl. It seems to be placed randomly, and without even thinking of "is it logic to have a platform here?". Weird.)

    Anyway, keep working on the project, can be good with gameplay.

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