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  • Just a little Castlevania-like game. It's a pretty barebones demo, though!

    Try it on the arcade

  • The most apparent detriment I found in your game design's and this is pretty much the thing that didn't get me too far, is that the controls are not that fluidly designed. It may just be me, but not having any indications of what key do what (even a quick keyboard/controller controls diagram picture in a screen that loads before the level, like some mainstream games do on first playthrough) and having the primary keys for jumping attacking one key in between each other feels really awkward and made it incredibly difficult to play.

  • Doesn't the arcade let you see the controls by clicking the "?" above the game screen?

    I only had the Azerty keyboard in mind too, so if that's the problem, I'll see to it.

    Thank you for your time!

  • Oh, I haven't used Scirra Arcade in like...forever, so thank you for the tip.

    Yeah, some people have qwerty keyboards instead, so I might suggest finding a way to detect the keyboard type but another solution...hmm, not sure. You could put keys closer together, or possibly later vy for gamepad support along with default keyboard.

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  • It seems W switching places with Z is the only problem, so I think I'll just add the latter as a jump button so that, no matter what, the first three keys of the bottom row are respectively Jump, Attack and Special.

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