Stupid Chickens 2?

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  • Hi, some of you have know Stupid Chickens, so I have decided to make a sequel to the game "Stupid Chickens 2"

    If you don't know it or you have forgotten it, check the game here:

    Please I need at least 5 replies on this topic with hashtag #GoStupidChickens so I can make the sequel because I really need your support.

    Note: There are going to be massive changes in the game so plz support me!

    and thank you all!

  • I really like this "precision shoot" type of game, but I must say I found the bullet rather slow, and the chicken hitbox rather permissive. but it is a fine game, and I'd like to see it pushed foward

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  • Thanks Aphrodite ! In the next sequel there are massive changes are going to happen so stay tuned!

  • Naji : I've spotted few bug: when you defeat the final boss, then just after go to a level, the ground won't be able to maintain the ckicken (the bullet still bounces fine though), also, the alert after defeating the boss would never end without me preventing it from showing (the alert that says you can have the special chapter by killing a certain number of chickens)

    Also the Star wasn't working for me, by wasn't working I mean nothing happened when clicking on it, whereas I though it should take me to the secret chapter)

  • Yeah, sorry for this bug Aphrodite , I knew about it before but I was too busy doing other projects so I didnt fix it. Sorry again.

  • The original game had no way to really lose the puzzle it seems, maybe have it that the bullet can't hit the player in the next one.

    As for whether or not to make a sequel, if you feel that's what you want to do you should do it regardless of comments here and put it out there on the net!

    As long as you find your own game fun to play it's worth doing

    Hope that helps!

  • Jayjay Thanks for the support, and yes it worth playing because it have a complete changes but the same concept & Design!

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