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  • Everything is going pretty slow as the game is currently undergoing a large scale graphic overhaul.

    The native resolution of the game is currently going from 480x270 to 640x320.

    The intent behind the move is to give more screen real estate for the UI elements to use.

    For its effect in the battlefield, it should be a nice balance between SRPG close up sprites and Western CRPG stickmen.

    Moreover, while pixel art is still being used, the style is changed from painting to pop-up style which make key gameplay sprites and features more visible.

    Character models are changed from my own OC to Tactics Ogre inspired designs since it look far better than my previous ones.

    Moreover, a relationship mechanic is introduced into the game. Characters that risk their lives together often will naturally bond together over time. Or hate each other.

    In battle, characters grant people they like or treasure, bonuses when they are nearby them and attempt to sabotage people they hate or dislike when those assholes dared to step near them.

    Naturally, better relationship will also introduce new story content, especially for NPCs.

    Two warnings however.

    First, everyone hate being the "acceptable casualty" for an AoE attack.

    Second, this mechanic not only apply to your characters, but also the enemies, especially in later parts of the game.

    While the chapter 1 is nearly finished, the early access release will be delayed until the overhaul is finished.

    Here's a gif of a revamped UI for your viewing pleasure.

  • Wow, this is a very impressive project. I tried to make a similar project (isometric tower defense with RPG elements) but I ran into a lot of roadblocks like managing scrolling windows, keeping focus on the mouse so under-window elements aren't clicked, etc. I'm curious as to how you tackled these issues.

  • Wow, this is a very impressive project. I tried to make a similar project (isometric tower defense with RPG elements) but I ran into a lot of roadblocks like managing scrolling windows, keeping focus on the mouse so under-window elements aren't clicked, etc. I'm curious as to how you tackled these issues.

    Repeated trial and error. You can't escape that when making anything.

    And repeated code review to improve the entire user experience.

  • Another solid project made with Construct2. Programming wise I can tell this took a lot of work because one I started programming a progression system in my game the complexity went up. Your game is like final fantasy tactics as far as style of play. Keep up the good work!!

  • I ask because it was a pain in the butt just making a scrollable window.

    I ended creating 2 layers dedicated to the window and using the Blend Mode of "source atop" so that the list is only drawn when over the inner window. All of the items in the menu are pinned to a sprite that is moved based on the position of the scroll widget. Took me a long while to get the implementation right and clearly there are still some flaws with my method:

    It really feels like Construct 2 needs better GUI support for games that want to display large amounts of information.

  • Mid May Devlog

    I just finished a significant part of the graphical overhaul and there is still more work to be done.

    Regarding the character sprites, since my audiobro prefer realistic proportion rather than the cutesy type (TO and FFTA2), I decided to use back my OC design with significant improvements. Legs are thicker. Necks shorter. Animations are improved to give the characters a bit more jazz and gaiety.

    I am still bitter about losing two weeks’ worth of hellish work just to go back to my own design in the end though. A hard lesson to have.

    One more new mechanic that is added into the game is the alignment mechanic.

    Everyone who has played any D&D game before knows a bit about it. To put it simply, alignment is basically indication of how a person who react and behave towards others and situations he is in. Will he be a nice person and be an incredible dick? Obedient or a free thinker?

    In the game, alignments will affect how relationship between characters in your party progress. Characters with similar alignment will like each other while those with opposite outlooks toward life will grow to hate each other.

    Moreover, it also affects how characters react to your various decisions in the game, for good or ill.

    Naturally, alignment will also operate as gatekeeper to various advanced techniques and classes in the game.

    A gif of the new shopping UI.

    A gif of the new character model walking like an idiot.

    Several images of the new battlefield placement UI.

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  • I forgot to mention that surnames are in. With that in, it should more fun and interesting as some of your enemies will get their names and surnames generated from established pools that I have filled.

    Moreover, the previous rifle school is divided into two new different school, assault rifle and sniper rifle school. One goes for mid range multi hit style while the other goes for the long range high crit one hit style.

    For now, the game development in still chugging on the new customization of the new character models, as all other graphical overhaul is completed. As of now, 52 different options for eye-wear and 70 different options for hairstyle have been completed. Current working on the rest before finishing chapter 1 and releasing both the early access and its demo together.

    A gif to demonstrate the current new customization options. A special thanks goes to the Spriter team for making it incredibly easy to do so.

  • I gotta say I absolutely love seeing updates to your game and I am extremely impressed, such an extremely polished looking game. Have you ever thought about selling an SRPG template? Would love to see more come from C2

  • Man I know this had to take a long time, with all the characters and stats I hate to see your saving event sheet lol. A great product takes time and yours is a great one!!

  • I'm not sure if I have posted in this thread, but I love your project a lot. Was this inspired any by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

    I really love FFTA, it was an early introduction to strategic RPGs for me as a kid, and I love how you're blending FFTA with something in tone like South Park: The Stick of Truth. You also seem to have a lot more depth going for such a combination of genres and tones, which is just going to be even better, since it provides a lot of player playthrough options, even for combat and unit planing. I loved doing stuff like that in FFTA, going as far as to plan out my units in terms of future builds.

  • I gotta say I absolutely love seeing updates to your game and I am extremely impressed, such an extremely polished looking game. Have you ever thought about selling an SRPG template? Would love to see more come from C2

    Love it! like StarCS said... are you going to sell a template ?

  • > I gotta say I absolutely love seeing updates to your game and I am extremely impressed, such an extremely polished looking game. Have you ever thought about selling an SRPG template? Would love to see more come from C2


    Love it! like StarCS said... are you going to sell a template ?

    I will consider the possibility after my game is finished and released. For now, I only have enough free time for my own game dev.

    Until recently, most of the work done is to revise the sprites that compromise the characters. Mainly to ensure that it still run smoothly on moderately old toasters. A lot of experimentation and tedious work since most of the stuff is new territory for me.

    Now, let's talk about the new stuff have been done or planned in the game development.

    New schools

    The old Explosive school have been changed to fire arts to accommodate the new Explosives school which is mainly about using consumable grenades to deal strong damage to your targets. Another new school is White Arts is about is pretty much filled with long range healing and support techniques to fill the gameplay niche that the close range Medicine school couldn't. As you might expected, these schools are also open to your enemies.

    New items

    Some new stuff is in the game or planned to be in including the new class of items, grenades, as shown on the image above.

    New Battle UIs

    The Battle Arrow is changed to calculate predicted damage, predicted accuracy and predicted crit chance while showing the additional effects of the technique used.

    For your information, the prediction will be more accurate and will take account of more details the better your knowledge of the target is.

    As an example, to even have the arrow predict damage correctly in relation to element advantages and disadvantages, you at least need to have a knowledge level of 1 on the group you are fighting against.

    What is not shown on the pic above is that on the top will be a symbol displaying your posse knowledge of the target, if you are targeting your enemy instead of your own ally.

    Character creation updated with so many options that next 100 options button is a necessity.

    As stated in the title and shown on the pics above.

    Overworld conversations and events is in.

    Work as normal dialogues but happened right in the overworld instead of jumping to a new map. Since this method save me a hell lot of work, I will use it for inane dialogues and side quests to build up story immersion and to highlight the effects of your actions.

    Morale is a thing

    Your characters now have mood swing and sometimes may garner a mission-wide status boost if they are treated well or may get slapped with bad mood debuff if they are treated like a third world sweatshop employee. To put it simply, most of your characters are normal people, a.k.a lazy bums. FYI, forcing/buying them new techniques, schools or jobs depress them as they have to work far harder than normal, double that for extremely lazy characters. So is making decisions that they don't like due to their alignment. Or teaming them up with people they dislike or hate for a mission.

    In short, many ways to piss off or massage your characters' mood.

    Base building planned.

    Base building will be a thing for chapter two, with how well the graphical implementation of it depending on the outcome of this game's early access. Gameplay-wise, the base give the player a myriad of options and majority of those options give plus and minus to the morale of certain characters. In example, business characters will love it if you decide to develop your base to be a mostly posh office while street characters rightfully feel uneasy and unwelcome in it. Within those options, you can choose to pander to all of your characters using generic options for minor pluses or go hog wild with a specific theme, giving specific characters you pandering to huge pluses to their morale.

    Well, that's all for now.

  • Been too long since I update this thread. Here's an update.

    In developing the game, one of the new features of Street Posse Showdown is Activities. To put it simply, all your characters can do activities outside of beating the living shit out of everyone they dislike in Oaksville.

    Many activities cost effort and some also cost money to do it. Moreover, each of your character has a number of effort points per rest, to indicate how much activities they can perform. And of course, lazy people get less effort points to use. There are many activities to do and let's delve into them.


    In the past, Street Posse Showdown utilizes a similar feature in other SRPG that after a mission (series of battle and actions) is over, the entire party health, stamina and recovery points are replenished. This currently changes to a resting feature which pretty much is similar to other RPG. To put it simply, your posse need to rest to recover their health and everything else.

    The cost of resting would be decided by the player depending on what he believes the posse lifestyle should be. Are they are homeless hobos dining in soup kitchens? Or are they enjoying life by spending frivolously? The total cost is calculated by the base living expense of the lifestyle multiply by the number of your posse members.

    Individual Activity

    This type of activities is pretty self-explanatory. Each of your characters can take individual actions as long they have the minimum effort required remaining. While the list of these activities is pretty small in the beginning, as player continues with the game, new rooms, alliances and encounters will unlock more activities for your characters to choose from.

    Revise Job

    One of the beginning individual activities. As explained in previous article, each character has a job. When your character learns a new job, the old one isn't simply removed forever. The character in question can go back to his old job at any given time, provided he still has the effort to do so. This encourages players to invest job training for their characters and switching as the situation demanded.

    Revise Techniques

    Similar to above but for techniques. Any technique removed from going over the maximum limit still remains with the character and he can relearn it back at any given time. This ensures none of the player education investment on his characters will ever be wasted while removing some of the drastic cost of switching technique loadouts.

    Collective Effort

    This type of activities involved all of the characters in your posse. All of your characters can pool their effort in order to conduct the activity. Typically, they have a great benefit but the benefit is only given once all of the cost have been paid and not a moment sooner. You usually can do this type of activities as often as you like as long as your posse have some spare effort remaining.

  • I really love the art.

  • Lol. Still active?

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