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    Send me your best speed run times so i can set target times in future updates

    CURRENT VERSION: 17 last updated: 9/10/2014 (3:00pm) - the game - facebook

    Join Tyrone on his quest to get his sh*t together in Stock Graphics Jungle

    "It's like Mario 2 after a nice fat fucker joint"


    "I really like how retarded is the interaction of running with jumping and stomping."


    It's in beta but I'm gonna be updating it a lot so yeah keep checking by

    p.s. this tile set is ugly as hell and i love it. [I swear it plays better than it looks]

    for best results play in firefox - the game

    I feel like this would probably be a better place than flash flash revolution to get feedback from lol.

    Please comment, give ideas/criticisms, or whatever. It means very much to me

    its also going to be getting progressively more ridiculous

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