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  • Greetings to all

    Since 3 years I am studying Digital and Multimedia Communication, and since this year I'm working on games for mobile devices.

    I am currently working on my first "serious" project, which I called "Stein Kibu"

    Stein Kibu's World

    The world is at war because of several types of viruses and bacteria that spread across the planet.

    The "Stein" corporation, a pioneer in researching time travel, began to conduct research in 2000, research which took the lives of 10 people inside the corporation over 35 years.

    In 2035, due to all types of research conducted in the corporation, many bacteria and virus filtered the planet, creating new diseases, deaths and mutations worldwide. Because of this, countries started wars between them under the guise of diseases that spread in their lands.

    Goth, who is a scientist at the Stein corporation, seeing how the world was collapsing due to research on time travel, he decided to reverse everything that was happening.

    In 2036 (one year after the filtration of viruses and bacteria), Goth managed to build a time machine, but knowing that if he was traveling at the time, would die in the process, Goth created a humanoid machine which named "Kibu" to travel to the past and managed to prevent the world to do research on time travel to save the planet from disease, death, mutations and wars.

    Now Kibu have to do everything possible so that the world does not happen again by the chaos and destruction



    Mutant Goth:


    If you like the idea of the game, and want to have more information about their development, I invite you to visit Stein Kibu's social networks!



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