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    Online Team Deathmatch test recorded 04-20-2015

    OBS.: This scenario is not an official map of the game.



    • Armored Core
    • Hawken
    • Counter Strike

    About the Game:

    • Game Genre: Top-Down Shooter Online Multiplayer
    • Game Theme: Futuristic
    • Playable Modes:

    Single Player Campaign:

    - Play solo missions to unlock new tank parts.

    Cooperative PvE:

    - Team up with other players to complete the hardest missions and unlock special tank parts.


    - Show your combat skills by fighting other players in a variety of game modes like Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy.

    • Platform: Windows

    Game features:

    • Fully customizable tanks with lots of unique weapons and functionalities.
    • Achievments system: Show to the world your achievments by customizing your Pilot Emblem.
    • Squad system: Join an existing squad or create your own squad to participate in Squad Battles
    • Level system: Level up your tank parts to increase performance, resistance and firepower.
    • Exploration Mode: Explore the galaxy to find secret missions... and secret rewards.

    Language: English and Portuguese (Brazil)

    Development started: 03-21-2015

    I will be posting news about the development here every week!


  • I would definitley like to check this out. I'm at work but I'll try to remember to come back later and give my input.

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  • What a great idea, but some more grafics is much better

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