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  • Ultra Stealth-Optional Platform Shooter (Template/Game Kit) for Scirra Store

    I'm currently in the process of making a fully customisable Stealth/NoStealth platform shooter - without using any external effects/plugins. making it fully commented and Documented

    The Template will be be designed to be really simple to use and customisable for beginners to Intermediate with less overhead for the whole project.


    Currently has or Started On

    - #

    • Runtime Debug Text Info
    • Customisable Camera Positioning/Lag
    • Staircase Doors (not Position dependent)
    • Enemy AI (Line of Sight/Alert/Cooldown/Shoot/AnimationTriggering/Stand/Move/PseudoRagdoll/PatrolPath/Health/InAccuracyRate/Knockback/)
    • Controller Support/ (Maybe Touch support Too?)
    • Customisable re-mappable Inputs for Controls
    • Weapons - (Bullet Type, Reload Rate,Ammo,Inaccuracy rate)
    • Interior Tileset (NOT SOLID) - you can add more
    • Exterior Tileset (SOLID) - Outline of Building
    • Jump through and breakable window
    • Door - (Close/Open/Shot open/Open/Kicked Down)
    • Wall Climbing.
    • Ladder Climbing.
    • Keys.
    • many more


    What has been suggested so far

    - #

    • last spotted player position
    • Tripwire
    • RoomLights
    • AI State indicator (similar to MGS style)

    Currently looking for suggestions for features -

  • If it's a stealth template then an option for player LOS visibility (eg. not being able to see enemies behind doors or upstairs) is a must. I did something like this recently & used shadow casting to blackout unseen areas: ... index.html

    You also want things like security cameras which trigger an output (their FOV could simply be triangular sprites) & lasers (tripwires with output trigger or harmful ones).

    Triggerables (output objects) could have a link to alarms or traps (input objects) that the player could break, either by shooting a wire, hacking a console or disabling a power supply.

    Lighting could be done with a semi-opaque black rectangle overlay in each room, & toggled with lightswitches, shooting the lights or disabling power. Enemies in those rooms would have a shorter view range.

    Enemies should have an option for a visible view cone, which i suppose would be a triangular sprite with overlap testing, although handling scenery interaction with their FOV cone might be tricky (eg. what happens to the cone as they approach a wall?).

    For UI, how about a sprite showing the last spotted player position (a ghost copy of the player) plus some MGS style enemy state indicators (? or ! symbols above their heads). Also an alert cooldown timer.

    As you can tell, I like stealth games <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • mattb how were you able to make so there weren't any shadows casted outward?? I haven't been able to get that to work without getting seams between tiles

  • I'm not using a tilemap - the walls & floors are just sprites. There are still some shadow issues when the player gets too close to a thin wall for example.

    Maybe the best way to do player visibility would just be to black out rooms that you can't see into. You could have a fade behavior on some blackout sprites (could be the same sprites used for light zones, & even ai patrol zones).

    Then if you hack a room's camera, the room fades in even if you're not looking into it.

  • Update 1:-

    -Weapon Pick up WORK!

  • This looks like a neat little project. If you want some inspiration you should give the Deadbolt demo a shot, as it feels oh so good to play. It's a lot like what you got going here, with some differences.

    Looking forward to see where you go with this!

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  • blekdar funny thing. been using that as inspiration for things to implement as well as Gunpoint maybe some Ronin too

    Update 2:-

    • Doors Opening works
  • Update 3:-

    ID dependant light switches / not dependent on anything other than check if the ID is the same like most of the things implemented. overcomplicated it at first and then deleted and redid it.

    all the interactions were done with 1 button. hopefully continues that way

  • *starts foaming from the mouth*

    Update 4:-

    started off as a bug - NOW LAZERS ARE A FEATURE! LIGHT SHOWS EVERYWHERE! haha

    the colour is set

  • Hope to release daily updates or on the days I end up making substantial updates with included GIFs

    Update 5:-

    [Added] Room Lights flash when there's a shot -

    [Added] You can shoot the door open -

    [Added] Bullet Hit animation spawns where the bullet hits -

    [Added] IMPACTION ( If not sure what is meant by it read here -[Click here for an article I wrote]) -

    [Added] Ammo Type / Clip sizes -

    [Added] UI elements showing how much ammo you have and bullets in a clip -

    [Added] Enable/Disable bullet ray-cast visibility -

    [Added] Global Layers for Debug Information/GameUI -

    AI , UI, Rain, and Weapon configs will be the focus for the next update. hope to see more interest on the project

  • *shows how to customise the rain generator*

    Will be updated so that rain can simmer down fire.

    Update 6:- RAIN! -

    [Added] Toggle Rain Generating

    [Added] Toggle Use Sprite Width for Rain Generating

    [Added] If "UseSpriteWidth" is false - Use Value for Rain generating

    [Added] Randomised Sprite Angle

    [Added] Adjustable Create Rate

    [Added] Adjustable Minimum & Maximum Rain Fall Speed

    [Added] Destroys on Collision

    [Added] Bullets can destroy the rain particles

  • back to work after some freelancing for couple C2 projects making custom AI tailored to each project. much to the reason for the delay in updates - if you need any free help or any major implementations refer to here - Job Offers and Team Requests


    Update 7: Snow -

    [added] Snow! does things similar to the rain generator

    FINALLY AI will be introduced. in the next update

  • Update 7: Full Gamepad Support Update-

    - Without conflicting with anything ofcourse -

    [Added] Control Type (Toggle/Switching)

    [Added] Reticle Movement

    [Added] Adjustable X Aim Sensitivity

    [Added] Adjustable Y Aim Sensitivity

    [Added] Cloud Parallax

    [Added] Room Lightbulbs (Still needs fixing)

    [Added] Adjustable Zoom Scale (Using Mouse Wheel)

    [Added] Updated Snow/Rain collision and art

    [Added] On Collisions contortion (Rain/Snow)


    Hope to release by next week fully commented, organised and adjustable. are there still anymore interested on the project, finding it harder to stay motivated with a project like this where the focus is more on the "tool" than designing gameplay scenarios.



  • Cool project you got going on here! Keeping my eye on it

  • that is great!

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