Star Nomad 2, Updated Trailer!

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  • DARTH Crusher

    Thanks, II is going to be lots better, luck willing.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    I haven't fully experimented with the parallax dust clouds yet, I'm re-using the ones I had for Star Nomad, which is just a grey/black cloud on 20-40% opacity to generate depth with parallax. Will throw in fancy colors or more refined patches later.

    The background is quite sharp (2048 x 2048) but once the layers are on top (in systems that are meant to be nebulas) it does get washed out.

    This is without the dust layers, its pretty sharp and loses the sense of depth with the additional parallax layers. I'll look to use colored dust patches for non nebula systems so that it gives the impression of depth when movement is occurring. Planets are place holder for code. Only final art are ships.


    And here's without the top parallax dust layer, ships are clearer & more vibrant but the background is toned down as well as retaining 2 deep parallax layer for depth. This would be most systems. Nebula systems have an additional layer on top of ships.


    I don't like having a stark naked BG its just too distracting. I prefer it to be very dark or faded so the focus is on ships.

  • Very minimalistic in-flight UI for ship targeting.

    New fleet video:

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    Hopefully not too amateurish, I have a very bad flair for UIs. :/

  • Like the ui apart from the font. Could do with something a bit more futuristic looking

  • Like the ui apart from the font. Could do with something a bit more futuristic looking

    Don't know which to settle with though. The fancy futuristic looking ones tend to distract.

    I recently played Shadow Run and its font was quite standard (I swear it looks like some derivative of Arial!!) but works really well, its clear, sharp and obvious, never distracting from me obtaining the info asap.

  • Can't decide on a few UI elements:

    1. Character portrait, use bigger size one to form the background for the shields/hull bars & selection toggle (1st/top char) or smaller version like 2nd & 3rd char (place holder from first game!)?

    2. Comms chatter, should it be a text bubble from the character portraits on the side, or just floating text above their ships (Like in Fallout 1/2)?


  • I like the top one best

    And floating text above the ships would be my choice

  • I like the top one best

    And floating text above the ships would be my choice

    Thanks Darth, I'll go with your suggestion.

  • How' s this coming on

    Any Updates

  • Darth, it's coming along great. Been a very productive two months.

    Squad combat & orders all done.

    Modules, cargo, storage and ship purchase menus all done. Tons of different modules & variants for loot table.

    Just mostly boring UI stuff but its turning out nicely.

    I'll post a few screens soon so you can give some feedback on the UI.

  • Here's some screens of the UI. From my devblog: ... irst-look/


    I’ll be the first to admit, I am terrible at making good looking & functional UI. Functional yes, but not functional & good looking. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> So I will keep it simplistic, minimal and hope that the ease of function will work for most players.

    Upon landing on a planet, you proceed directly to the Mercenary & Merchants Guild HQ at that location. It’s often a more seedy spot, where anything goes.

    Here, you can access the trade menu to sell/buy goods, hangar menus to buy/sell/store modules as well as ships.

    For Modules, each ship share 5 main categories for upgrades: Energy, Armor, Shields, Engines & an Active Slot. Each slot, there's many options, but players have to pick & choose. There's definitely trade-offs with module choices.

    The weapon slot & size depends on the ship itself. If the ship has secondary weapons, such as launchers or drone bays, it’ll be displayed.

    I’ve made the launcher/drone bays universal, of different sizes, from S to L-Class. Missiles, Torpedos & Drones have sizes accordingly.

    The idea is a S-Class bay can hold X/Y/Z of S/M/L-size armaments. This means smaller ships with S-Launchers can still pack a bunch of high-powered Torpedos or they can pack a lot more smaller S-size missiles.

    Its flexible to allow players to pick & choose what best suits their playstyle.

    There’s also storage for modules on your ship, with larger ships having a larger capacity storage. It’s useful not only for storing loot from battles, but also extra-modules in case the situation changes and you need to re-configure your ship.

    For ships, there’s a wide range, with each ship focused for a particular niche within its class, of which at launch there will be three: Corvettes, Frigates, Cruisers.

    Corvettes are the fast, agile & evasive. They have an innate 50% evasion against weapons of M-Class or above, this means Frigates & Cruisers have trouble 1) tracking such a fast agile target and 2) even when they fire, it may simply miss completely.

    The goal is to make them good as entry ships, but also the later Faction Corvettes or advanced prototypes can be used as an end-game ship by players who love the fast & furious gameplay (ie. with good flying, Corvettes can dodge ALL enemy missiles!).

    Frigates sacrifice some speed & evasion for a lot of firepower, as they can equip multiple M-Class Turrets as well as often packing bigger Launcher & Drone bays. They still have an innate 25% evasion bonus against larger turrets, so its a good trade-off vessel.

    Cruisers lack speed and have no evasion, but have higher armor that defeats smaller weapons, and more weapons options, as well as access to L-Class Turrets which have by far the most firepower.

  • Looks really nice : )

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  • Looking really good

    Only little thing I don't like is that green font,

  • Iolva Thank you.

    DARTH Crusher

    Haha yeah that stupid green font (been using it since the start) is place holder. I STILL haven't found a replacement that I like. Something simple & very readable.

    If I can't, I might just use the white info popup font but bigger.

    Edit: Here's with the bigger white font. Very readable!

  • Update: Player Skill & Squad NPC Perks

    In Star Nomad II, progression is a combination of acquiring wealth & reputation with factions to get better ships & modules, basically the material gains.

    Progression also centers on developing your character as you gain experience, as such, there's a very flexible skill tree that enables players to finely customize their pilot's career.

    The skill tree allows cross selection of any skill. Here, you unlock new tiers of skills to train in by spending skill points in any skill. It's flexibility allow mix & match between the various branches to best fine-tune your pilot.

    At Tier 7, players can select from one of five unique active abilities (hotkey activated, timed cooldown) to enhance various play styles.

    During your journey within the Sector and as you build up your reputation from being a nobody to a more renowned pilot, several characters may offer to join your squad, to share in the glory, adventure & loot! They have their own back-story (which you will unravel in special missions) and agendas, but once in your squad, they follow your lead.

    Each NPC has wide range of Perks. At each tier, you have the option of selecting 1 of 2 Perks that further specialize the role of that NPC in your Squad. Thus, you can compliment your own build with that of NPCs to build a balanced Squad.

    Talon: She's an ex-slave turned pirate turned mercenary escort. Her ship is a fast assault Corvette that excels in long-range combat with a Plasma Torpedo Launcher as primary and LRM Predator missiles as secondary weapons.

    Corsair: He is an ex-Empire military pilot turned private bounty hunter. His ship is a modified Empire Frigate that specializes in Particle Beams that can restore ally shields. Secondary options include Hunter Combat Drones, LRM Predator missiles or Repair Drones.

    Grace: She is the daughter of a very powerful Starborn Federation Councillor, bored with her race's desire for perfection & rigid social protocols, she seeks adventure and to find out what it means to be human in this mad conflict that may well end humanity. Her ship is a powerful Federation Cruiser, able to dish out or take extreme punishment.

  • spectacular

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