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  • Hello,

    I decided to start with a tiny project as a first game in C2. To actually finish it.

    And learn to manage all features of making a game together..

    So SA, is a retro low rez styled game, about kid of olympic games.

    It's inspired by very early PC / amstrad games with smashing buttons and some triggers gameplay.

    Basically you'll have some character choice, some kind of discipline and practices you can try.

    Highscores (i hope online ones, if i can achieve this, would be awesome)

    And thats quite all.

    here's a first picture of title screen.

    Game is in 240 X 135.

    Will add some screen filters.

    Yes character is cuted , but it'll apear only when camera is up hight in the title screen.

    I'll try to post progress and stuff as i advance in gameplay (maybe some gifs)

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