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  • Ha ha, tricked you! Not really, hold on...Finished developing a game with some friends who are much more industry recognised than me. Basically we took my graduate work from the UofA and turned it into a VPL (visual programming language) and a game. In order to fund the game we needed to promise investors a lot back - which we couldn't do. So we almost had a funded game and...we said no (note to anyone accepting funding for their work - make sure you understand the strings attached).

    So we abandoned creating the game online completely and only about a year later we decided this was an amazing game mechanic (programming that is) online or off. So I realise i'm pretty close to leaving the realm of construct 2 but we turned the VPL into a card game. But most of the principles found in visual languages exist in textual languages. I wanted to get feedback from construct 2 developers who use graphical intuition when developing software (not just lines of code) since that is what visual code is (using code and visual queues to develop).

    Check it out kick DOT srccard DOT com or let me know what you think of using visual coding ideas as a game mechanic (think Contruct 2 as the game itself). I'm also trying to compile a list of any and all games that use programming as a main game play element (if you can help)!

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  • i dont think i'll ever be smart enough to play this

    anyway it looks good. intrincate an original... good luck!

    here's the link:

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