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  • Hi,

    I'm creating a sidescroller space game sort of..

    standard game: live as long as you can and take some gems to achieve higher points. the game gets faster and faster and more obstacles will come... you know the deal

    right now I have a Highscore feature that the user can post a name from a text input field. With this solution they can post whatever, bad words etc etc. and it is quite annoying to type in a name in a little box, so many people may just send some shit "aaa". and everything with text input is not that nice feeling.. (and quite ugly to open the keyboard)

    Now I am thinking of having a facebook login button in the game, just to fetch the Fullname from FB, so everytime you get a new HighScore the score will be posted with your real name to the table.

    What do you think about this? Does it feel "okay" to post personal real name? Integrity wise..? (if someone do not want to share their name, they can of course just not log on to the app! but then they will not be able to post anything to the games HighScore lists)

    Also, is it OK to fetch peoples names from FB and send it (and store it) in a personal SQL database?

    (I have not figured out how to use the "official" FB Highscore tables in Construct2 yet.. cannot find any working tutorial, so that's the only reason that I am using a personal sql-db. I have of course no personal use for peoples personal data etc!)

    Any ideas?


  • I never really heard anyone complain they had to type a name when setting an high score ^_^

    It gives a player the chance to set a unique name, or someone else' when another person is playing on some other persons account.

    Saving someones name in a high score DB isn't really a problem, generally these sort of details are covered in a disclaimer or Terms of services.

    The Facebook high scores work, it just takes some patience getting it up and running.

    When you scored an high score and sent it to facebook, and afterwards retrieve the list, you see the scores list of yourself and your friends from Facebook. (so its not a global high score)

  • Like lennaert mentioned above, such things are covered by a privacy policy.

    What platform is your game for? If you build for Android / iOS I recommend you to use their Leaderboard service (Google Play Games / Game Center).

    If you make a html5 game and the player logs in with his facebook account he must accept that your application can access information like real name, email and so on. So basically you have the permission to use his name. Otherwise he just doesn't need to connect with his fb account.

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  • Thanks for input!

    I am building for Android.

    I have not got the facebook or googleplay leaderboard system to work. With integrated graphic....

    Can you point to any tutorial?

  • Just check the tutorial section and search the forum, quite a few examples out there.

    For the google and facebook leaderboards, you require some patience after setting up the leaderboard on the dev consoles.

    It takes some time before they work.

    Also, generally they require a working model from a secured hosting location (https) if you use web versions.

    (So preview will most likely never work to send scores etc)

    Make sure to check the log console (ctrl + shift + J) to see what errors pop up when your trying to get it to work.

    They are often a good starting point when something is amiss with services from a 3rd party location.

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