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  • As hobby game maker project, I started throwing ideas on paper what I wanted to do. First idea was a physics based puzzle game. I made a prototype. Tested it and I tought ok, this looks very boring . Then I added a shooter mechanic to it. posted it on Arcade and I got a comment, that somebody added it to his good game ideas. I changed the placeholder graphics, added some a modern platorm shooter feel to it and I posted it on Arcade again (3rd upload, 1st two got deleted on my request). It was such a sloppy demo. But still my very own first game which I was made in just 4 days.

    Here is my demo put togather in 4 days:

    Very basic demo, no menu, sloppy as hell, but addictive and it still represents what my hobby project will be based upon. If you play, get killed and before pressing Enter, check instructions!


    While I released this I got a new idea. I have a demo that has only 12 events and my budget on Construct 2 is 100. That is actually a lot, if you are clever.

    This game will feature:

    + menu - a pretty one, because people who will play my demo, deserve it

    +6 challange mode levels - basically a game mode where the game strips your weapon away and the goal will be to get from points A to B while navigate threw some puzzly enviroments

    +advanced challange mode - 3 enemy types, survive for as long as possible.

    + tutorial - introduces some of the quirks of playng, like the lack of jump button in my platformer.

    Here are some fresh screenshots displayng the art style and shooting while rolling mehcanic. Note the blue bar up there, it is a shield bar. The shield is one directional and is aimed like a gun. It deflects normal bullets, but while being hit with a mine it deflects the explosion, but it depletes the bar instantly.

    There is one more goal: making the game final export size as close as possible to 10mb. So I can upload it Scirra Arcade.

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