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  • I just finished the beta version of my differences game called "spot it fast!". ... -fast-2651

    The game concept is simple:

    At each level, we must find a number of differences between two nearly identical images. This done, we can move to the next image. The more we advance in a level and the fewer differences to find, but also less time to find them.

    To balance the game, if you have the time and inclination, it would be nice to hear from you what you think. As I know all the differences, I have difficulties to evaluate whether it is too easy or too hard otherwise.

    If you find a bug, thank you to let me know via this forum thread.

  • Nice game, I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a survey I took in London which tested the difference between how quickly people who play and don't play videogames react to changes in an image.

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it... Thanks for trying!

    Did you finish it? If you did, do you think it's too easy?

  • A little update :

    • fixed : differences do not appear from level 6
  • First image is quite repulsive! How the repetitive music stops? Third image is a pain in the a--!

    Overall great design, I really liked the different levels of errors in every game played, good job on that.

    Its addicting, that is a good thing. You could add more pictures maybe?

  • Sublight

    Thank you for playing and giving me feedback!

    I will add more level soon. Currently I'm seeing how can I make an optimized version for mobile devices.

    If you want mute the music there is an button at the top right corner on menu screen or when you set the game on pause.

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  • Pretty good! Keep it up! I commented on the arcade page about the ultra hard ones. Maybe they can be pushed back towards later harder levels? I felt as though most were easy enough till I got to them. Like most being obvious enough, but suddenly hit with one where the only difference was a line missing out of a bunch of lines surrounded by windows. Or ones with a teeny tiny scratch that is difficultly faint. It makes it worse when the time limit is 30s or so for those.

    Its like if I were playing a fighting game and enemies were easy, medium, then suddenly enraged hulk comes in to smash my low level guy into center of earth for no reason, but if i skip past him, back to easy again. wut?

  • Jermfire

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I take note of what you say about difficulty curves. I will try to make it more coherent. I think the best way is to put most detailed pictures at the end of the game, but i'm not sure it will be balanced because it's about the feeling of each player.

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