SpeedPool WebGL(demo game)

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  • Recently completed Pool Game, but my graphics card wont run WebGL stuff since updating Chrome!

  • The graphics look slick. I like!

  • do you have a live demo of it?! game looks really good! are those 2d balls rotate using sprites? for getting 3d effect?

  • crypticblonde@ thanks, glad you like it.


    I will upload a demo when I sort my graphics card problem out... I'm having to preview /use Node Webkit

    at the moment (my card is rubbish)

    The ball animations are made up of 3 sprites...shadow : ballsprite : highlight. pinned together.

  • Link to Demo game -


    Please test, all comments welcome.

    (white ball foul disabled)

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  • no touch? would test it on nexus7

    graphics look nice!

  • tested your pool game, its actually very good, but i was thinking you managed to solve the "3d front spinning of the ball" i did a pool game a few months ago, a test actually, the problem was the physics engine was faulty as hell seems you figured out for balls not to pass through each other when hit at high speed, however, a front spinning stripesheet, and playing the animation based on ball speed will make it more 3dish, cause will have a front spinning, however, you wold need to change angle and another stripe of frames, for each angle ( 45 75 etc the diagonals, not the horizontals or vertical axes, the diagonal are the pain on this types of game, im doing a 3d pool game test using Q3Dpluygin with the new 3d physics engine and starts too look good il have a demo soon enough hopefully tomorrow or after that ! but great job, really like your game, its very good done, for 2d in the limit of C2,

    p.s when your saying webgl what do you mean? is it made in c2 classic? or just the webgl effects?

    btw if you want i can give the code events for the stick to drag and release and apply force based on the distance pulled cue back, from my old c2 pool its useless for me now that will make your game more interesting, to get rid of the chubby power line

    here is the demo i did back then, and the code for pull cuestick power


    has a lot of sound issues, the events even where triggered on once the system back then i think r198 had some really bad sound problem, and the physics engine, if you notice sometimes, faults and the balls pass through each other, however the pull stick to power works flawless

    noticed a bug on your game , when you shoot the ball , and then change the rotation if hits rail of another ball , its going to get a small push rotational force!

    here is a sandbox demo of the q3d physics, in construct 2 its a work in progress, hopefully kong, will recache the version to see the full game, and not integer scale mode

    Q3d Pool Test

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