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  • Hi all,

    This is a demo of my first game.

    There are still many things to be added (like sound, loading screen, difficulty levels etc.) In this demo I have included only 3 levels, my idea is to make 20 for the full version.

    Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.


  • hi!

    Reporting what I saw:

    the fuel/missile thing is not intuitive. I mean, having to stay on them and not moving before fuel is 20 is both boring and not intuitive. You should fix that.

    (+The fact that the fuel is still reducing when you're collecting it is frustrating, because we see that it should be collecting the fuel could be collected quicker, but avkch couldn't manage to code that :p )

    I think it's good that's going in a wall is instant-killing the player, but if it's a wall that is on the right or on the left, it's very frustrating. Maybe it shouldnt hurt, or not that much.

    Also, the fact that the ship is going slower when you have been shot is cool, but maybe exessive, when I got shot, I just kill myself because I feel it will be quicker than doing the level like this. It wouldn't be a problem if we could regain health I think, or if it was less visible that we're going slower.

    I guess that's all, there's some nice lvl design in it I think but I didnt note anything in particular.

    Have a nice day

  • I pretty much agree with what regisRquoi said. Refueling could be tweaked a bit and flying sideways into walls should only damage the player but not kill the player. Maybe same with flying into destructable walls? Give some more room for mistakes.

    One other thing I would like to see is easier targeting with missiles. As you are making the game for PC gamers with keyboard (Correct me if I am wrong :] ). I would like if I could aim missiles with mouse. Maybe left click for normal bullets and right click for missiles. And missiles would go towards the position that the mouse was clicked?

    Ofcourse, this is just my preference for missiles. But I think that this would make using missiles more fun and predictable for the player.

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  • To add to what has been said already. To me it feels like the ship is too slow in terms of sideway movement, constantly having to throttle down to be able to hit stuff or pick stuff up feels wrong, even with the re-arming/fueling system in place. I mean slowing down still uses fuel and you might not make it to the next area of fueling, so to speak Usually shooters are all about being a badass using speed combined with some random bullethell thrown in.

    I like the idea behind having to hold still to refuel/rearm, but right now it's not intuitive as regisRquoi mentioned. Players tend to think they're pickups (simply fly over them to pick up). Just thinking out loud here, but maybe your type of gameplay isn't suited very well using a forced forward movement system. The screen can be forced forward just fine, but maybe give the player full control over movement instead? I'm guessing that would make the game flow a lot smoother in terms of playability

    • I guess you'd need to use a collision poly on the ship instead of box collision, I swear I've been killed by things actually not hitting me (especially walls, but I do suck at these kinds of games )
    • I think I found a bug, perhaps the enemy is not removed but turned invisible? Some of the time when they explode and going through the smoke they leave, I also explode. And I randomly exploded once after coming back from the pause screen, no idea what happened there

    I definitely like the detail on the units, good stuff!

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I did some changes based on your suggestions

    • Refuel is now immediate and fuel barrel is destroyed, same applies for the rearm.
    • Hitting the walls is not instant-killing now, is only slowing you down when you are in contact with the wall.
    • Ship is not slowing down that much when hit, the overall movement is a bit faster now.

    You can try the updated version using the link from the first post.

    allavett - in the beginning the targeting was with the mouse but I didn't like it and I changed it as is now, is my personal preference The auto targeting is fare for ideal now, I will try to improve that (if I can)

    San - the ship has a collision poly I have no idea why you have had problems like that.

    Are you sure that you haven't exploded because you have run out of fuel?


  • Nope, it was at the start f the first level when I blew up one of those turrets. It only happened once though, so it is one of those cute bugs that is hard to repro, I'm afraid...

  • nice job

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