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  • Hello everybody!

    We have gone public with our first project over at This Guy Games and as the resident Construct 2 "expert", I have been entrusted with setting up a little development diary for you lovely people! This first post is literally just a condensed version of our Greenlight page so if you would like more information I would recommend heading over there,

    (vote yes whilst your at it)

    . I will be showing some more development related things in future posts so stay tuned!



    SpaceBoy is an action-adventure video game based around the discovery and exploration of a mysterious planet devoid of colour and light. Run, jump and defy gravity as SpaceBoy discovers strange new worlds.

    SpaceBoy can connect to S.O.N. and other computer-based systems to help fight against corrupt software spreading throughout the planet. Unlock powerups, master SpaceBoy's moves and abilities and stumble across friendly - and not-so-friendly - characters as you adventure through contaminated worlds of rogue viruses and glitches.

    SpaceBoy is based on the old-school, heavily gameplay-based videogames of the golden era between the late 80's and early 90's, as it's for the player to discover and resolve and to risk and be rewarded; as most great videogames have endlessly taught in design and narrative structure.

    Thanks for checking Spaceboy out. Please give us a yes vote! Share and like us too on Facebook! Also watch this space as I will be posting updates on our progress.


  • nice art you got there : )

  • Really like the look. Will be watching this one.

  • Thanks! Will keep you updated.

  • Got some awesome news! SpaceBoy has been Greenlit!! Thanks for your support!!

  • Nice, congratulations! Are you ready to publish?

    May I ask how long it took and how many yes votes you needed to get greenlit?

    Our game is also on greenlight and very close to the top 100 but I hate that you don't have any idea of when you'll be greenlit

    BTW, the game looks amazing

  • I would like to give you some clues on how long it takes but, honestly it seems pretty random. We were around 50% to the top 100 after 50 days. Checked my mail this evening and there was an email telling me we'd been Greenlit. We were doing well, lots of positive reviews and the yes to no ratio was good, but weren't even in the top 100 yet. So I honestly have no idea how it works haha.

  • Olive Thank you for the numbers. My game is 76% to the top 100 and has about 51% yes votes. But I guess it all depends on the share amount of yes votes. How many yes votes in total did you need? No exact numbers but are we talking several thousand?

    ANyway, when can I buy your game on steam?

  • Congrats!

    I heard from other devs, you need around 6000 yes votes before someone at Steam takes a serious look at your game. It usually passes with 6K.

  • Ok, that isn't too bad. But it's hard to get traffic after you leave the front page of greenlight Do you get any traffic to your game Star Nomad on steam? Or do you have to work for the traffic yourself?

    I have a really good yes ratio this week but yesterday it poured in no votes for some reason and when I checked google analytics I saw that almost all of them came from the scirra forum. Not that it matters or changed anything but I would never vote down another construct game. If I didn't like it I would rather not vote at all. But that's just me hehe

  • Nice art Congrats!

  • We are working on the game part time at the moment, as we have other jobs to pay our bills and rent, etc etc. However we are planning to release a new gameplay trailer and want to launch it injunction with a Kickstarter campaign. Don't want to put dates on anything, but if we can get funded and work full time on SpaceBoy, we hope to have it completed in around 10-12 months.

    Our numbers are not as high as the ones Silverforce posted. We didn't even have 6000 unique visitors, never mind votes. We had just under 2000 overall votes, with 44% yes's. So when it comes down to numbers, I am not sure they are the only factor at play. Perhaps we caught the attention of Valve somehow and they liked our project. Who knows? Either way I am very grateful, so thanks Valve, you rock.

  • Also, I am hoping to start using this thread as a dev blog as development starts picking up. Is there anything people want me to talk about, maybe some tutorials on certain things in the game, business related stuff. Anything really?

  • Here's a few screenshots! What do you think?

    If anybody has any questions feel free to ask! I want to start posting some more Construct dev related stuff as well so if there is anything that interests you about the project and you'd you like to know how I did it, feel free to ask and I will do a little write up. Make sure you check out the teaser too!

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  • killah aesthetiks! congrats for the green, well done man!

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