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  • Hey everyone! I'm going to be releasing a space strategy/simulation game made in Construct 2 and I just wanted to ask some opinions on how the could be animated well. There's no real time anything mechanics, except for statistical calculations, some examples of it visible by the emoji at the top left and the money sign at the top right (though there are many more stats that can be seen for each individual planet).

    What does this mean for the game? Well, although I could have some flickering of stars and possibly rotating galaxies in the universe overview, there's nothing that REQUIRES animation. Which leads me to not knowing how to even begin to animate it. I don't want the player to feel like nothing is happening when they're not interacting with it...

    So, if anyone could lend me some ideas, that would be super awesome. I might even add your name in the credits because, well, why not?

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  • Are your planets created in a 3D program or just drawn in something like Photoshop?

    It would be neat to have the plants slowly rotating, or the clouds/storms on the planets moving about.

    Having the odd shooting star in the background would be cool as well - or if spaceships are a thing you could have the casual ship fly past. Apart from that, like you said - some twinkling stars or a galaxy that's in motion would be cool additions as well. The hardest part is not knowing enough about your game, or how your existing graphics have been made. If they're 3D objects in a 3D graphics program, rotating the planets would be pretty easy... but if they're static images made in a 2D program then you can probably throw that idea out of the window because, too hard.


  • SoldjahBoy, thanks! Those are some good ideas! I can still do those things, but they are only 2D. Still, that's fine, I shouldn't have much problem making it.

  • I'm way lazier than you then lol... i despise drawing complex animations by hand but if you can do it then go for it!


  • Hey KTML5, congrats on building a Space Strategy Simulation. I'm a big fan of the genre and I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress. I've sunk an unholy amount of hours in Master of Orion and Master of Orion 2 as well as Sins of a Solar Empire. Is your game going to be turn based?

    As for your query, when you say that you "don't know how to even begin to animate it", do you mean technically, or simply that you don't know what sort of animations could be added to make the game look more dynamic and alive?

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