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  • I have updated my space ship shooter:

    Space to shoot, mouse or touch screen to move..

    If you have a touch screen you can use the button to shoot too. I need to change that image out.

    The good news ..

    1. I did add a couple new ships, and a new boss that sends out small drone defender ships.

    2. I am working on a couple new backgrounds, but I think only one made it into this release.

    3. The player ship will glow red when you are about to blow up.. only works if the shield is on.

    4. The player ship can now get 5x lasers. 3 lasers shoot straight, and two at angles.

    5. You can move your ship around the screen

    6... some of the bad guys will chase your ship .. so look out.

    7. you can now pick up coins, but the in game store for power ups will crash the game .. so don't try it yet.

    Google play integration is a real pain, but still working on leader boards and IAP. Thanks to you that are helping with this effort!

    Let me know what you think of the game!

    If you want free web hosting to put up a sample of your game send me a PM. I am going to make the site a place to list games in development and in production.


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