Space Pirates why no one playing my game

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  • Why no one playing my game. What is wrong with her. Even though no one commented. The game is still in an early version but does not have time to make it to the end.

    Space Pirates on Scirra Arcade

  • I'll try to take a look tomorrow and give some feedback

  • A link to the game ... rates-5956

    I didn't like the game when I started it, but a split second before closed it I accidentally touched my scroll wheel and TATAAA a much better game.

    I liked it zoomed out way more and I didn't had to guess stuff like - where to go, where are the enemies, ...

    ps. a nicer thumbnail would help you attract more players

  • Update

    I removed the menu, now it is in the main screen.

    I added a random generation of ships.

    The camera has a better zoom.

    At the beginning of the game I added more ships.

    People, if you have any suggestions, please commenting. The worst criticism is better than no criticism.

  • It'd be worth putting instructions on the start page, It took me a while to figure out how to move the ship and shoot. (I tapped left, right etc but of course nothing happens due to the slow speed).

    Other than that, I just feel it's all a little slow with poor manoeuvrability for the ship, not sure if that's intended?

    But good job, keep up the work

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  • Ship is turning very slow, albeit SPACE works for shooting. Maybe improve the beginning graphics, in its current simplicity it is off-putting to see so simple a game screen. Add some stars background and maybe structures floating in space? Dunno what's up with the speed, its slow in Firefox.

  • Hello, folks.

    Thanks for the hints. I'm still learning so they are important to me.

    Recently, I have little time, so little update.


    Better menu, but only works PLAY.

    Improved control and speed of the ship.

  • New Update

    The game was simplified. Unfortunately, I have a free version of the construct 100 events.

    I ran out of ideas. I wanted the game with open world, unfortunately, is a shooter.

  • you should also try to say what the objective of the game is

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