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  • I wanted to create the game. I learned Construct 2. And now I have no idea what the game should do. Please write. I should continue to do this or not

  • Mate if you are asking yourself these questions while thinking up the game itself,you won't survive the later stages of development.Just go wild,have fun,it doesn't have to make sense.Make them moon banana pirates for all we care,we see the finished product, if it's fun we play it,we don't see you slaving on your computer for hours thinking up ideas,sprites and mechanics,that is for only you to know.

  • Right, there are no limitations man, go crazy and do whatever you wish, then afterwards make sure to let us know how it is going, the community is always open to see new stuff being made.

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  • Make a game about a guy who was shrunk down and sealed inside a bottle of soda. The goal of the game is to catch the carbonation bubbles for air, and not be swallowed as the bottle tips back and forth as someone drinks the beverage.


    You play as a wet squirrel trying to get away from a sentient blowdryer, whose sole purpose is to make everything dry. You can distract the blowdryer by running past bodies of water or make your own puddles using your bodily fluids.

  • simplo85games

    1 open Construct 2

    2 create new project

    3 import sprite player

    4 import sprite enemy

    5 add player behavior 8 direction

    6 add bullet behavior to enemy

    And add some code. Name it BOB was HERE and publish it that is it

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