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  • Hi, everyone. Thank you for checking this out, this is my second "simple" game during my self-training using Construct 2. Hope you enjoy this one.

    As always, i need some of your feedback and also i got some questions if you guys willing to answer.

    Space Conqueror

    "Space Conqueror is a game where you can customize your own ship (yet) in 2D world top-down space shooter environment."

    Check it out on Scirra Arcade

    These are some of the previews :

    These are list of things that included in current Version Alpha 0.1 :


    • 2 Bosses (Blue and Red)
    • 2 Wave of Enemies


    • Blue box, increase your laser speed by 0.05 secs
    • Red thunder, improve your laser to red one with increased damage
    • Pill, increase your current health by 2


    • Distance Traveled (using Scroller)
    • Healthbar
    • Score

    Special thanks to

    • Scirra
    • Kenney's Resources

    Reasons why i don't make it auto fire cause i want it to be more challenging.

    Future Development :

    Some things occur in my mind about the future of this game.

    Enemies & Bosses :

    • Drone alike enemy, it would be in small size and have "annoying" behaviour like spinning around in layout. Its damage should be smaller but rapid.
    • Stealth Boss, this kind of boss would shaped like triangle, it doesn't fire any laser but spawning randomly from outside layout and keep trying to hit the player.
    • Add more in comment if you guys have any idea.


    • There would be customization like added wing, shield, laser speed, rockets, drones (this would be the best).

    Customization parts purchased using Score.

    • Add more in comment if you guys got any idea.

    Reasons i wanted to keep developing my guinea pig is, cause i'm not looking down on my own creation. Whatever it is or how simple it is.


    Let's say i have a Family in my project, it's called F_Enemies. It contains 3 kinds of sprites, let's call it Enemy1,Enemy2,Enemy3. Each of those sprites have instance member called Damage.

    Enemy1 instance variable Damage = 3

    Enemy2 instance variable Damage = 4

    Enemy3 instance variable Damage = 5

    Now the problem is, when F_Enemies collide with my player sprite (call it Player1), i want to reduce my Player1's instance variabel called Health, but based on the sprites that collide with Player1.


    To make it more simple, i'm gonna say it like this :

    IF Enemy1 collide with Player1, then substract Enemy1.Damage from Player1.Health

    IF Enemy2 collide with Player1, then substract Enemy1.Damage from Player1.Health

    IF Enemy3 collide with Player1, then substract Enemy1.Damage from Player1.Health

    in this question, i want to make it :

    IF F_Enemies collide with Player1, then substract <the one that collide with Player1>.Damage from Player1.Health

    is there any way to do it? I mean, can't find that kind of variable.


    In my current project, i make conditions for each sprite in F_Enemies. If you guys have the answer for this please comment here (although this is not a question thread).

    Finally, thank you guys for visiting this thread. Hope you enjoy this creation!

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