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  • Hello everybody,

    This is the first game I plan on publishing, first to Google Play.

    Here is the web demo -

    The controls are simple.

    Move by touching the screen (touch where you want to go or drag the ship).

    Attack by touching an enemy. Once you touch the enemy the target is locked.

    You can also play with your mouse for testing.


  • This is actually nice! What are the things that we collect? I see some upgrades to the ship as I gather destroyed enemy parts, but don't understand what they do. It would be nice if some of these gave extra hp or sth. Please improve this, has lots of potential.

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  • Hello Windwalker,

    Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

    The effects of upgrades are barely noticeable right now. But they're set up like this:

    Wings - Increase turret rotation speed

    Engines - Increase speed

    Guns - Increase fire rate, fire speed, fire power

    Cockpits - Does nothing now, but the idea is to increase the fire range

    The copper, silver, gold "things" do nothing ; ( I thought perhaps adding a "fuel" or "energy" level that is refilled by those "things". But I want to polish the basic gameplay instead of adding more features.

    Do you think the next step should be to improve the upgrades system?

  • No, not neccessarily. I suggest you do the things you want in the order you want. But when it comes to the part where you decide to work on the upgrades, it could be nice if there was a little spritefont popping out, saying "speed increased!" and then fade out

    Do you intend to keep this small like this or do you wish to include lots of other elements like bosses, stores, saves, highscores etc?

  • Thanks for the advice. I want to keep it small, like a retro arcade game. Yes, I want to add a high score. Not sure how to do it yet. And perhaps add a breather/bonus stage stage every 5 waves or so to collect points and power ups without dying.

  • Here is the updated version ->

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