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    Sooth is a 2D point’n'click adventure game with a minimalist interface and a poetic touch. Players will explore a bare desolated land and wander in search of odd contraptions to be reactivated, discovering their ancient purpose.

    I want to do a short game, 1 to 3 hours long, that would tell a small story. Events will be guessed more than told and the game will have a slow rhythm with a contemplative mood. The story is optional and bits of lore will be scattered in secret places as rewards for tedious explorers. The whole story may not be revealed entirely anyway, leaving players to fill the gaps with their own theories.

    Interface is reduced to minimum: no dialogues, no inventory, no HUD. In terms of gameplay, I'm looking at references such as Sword & Sworcery, Finding Teddy, Loom, Samorost, Machinarium ...


    I will work the sizes and interface to be playable for PC & tablets (maybe smartphones as well), but have no idea how it will work out yet.


    Wounds, best known for his amazing work on Kairo, will be creating the soundtrack and lead the sound direction of the game! He is a very dedicated person with great insights in storytelling and contributed a lot to shape my random bits of story into something meaningful.

    His albums can be found and bought here:

    And the first track of the game (WIP): ... -the-waves

    C-7 is a well-rounded C2 coder/composer/designer who will design an interactive audio system to get organic tracks that change with the environment. He will also create the sound effects and give a greatly needed hand on the development of the game engine in Construct 2!

    His works can be found here:


    Progress is slow. I have a full time job, an extra job, few side projects and a newborn baby to take care of. So I try to find few hours here and there to advance this project. The art direction is set, the main storyline is drafted and most locations are decided. I am now working on creating and animating assets in a fast and easy way. I'm also detailing the storyline and puzzles + workflow and starting to look into how to make all these work in C2. I think I'm roughly at 5% of the total development.

    Concept art

    Of course there are pictures:

    And some animated test!

  • Great graphic style :-)

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  • Seen this on the tig forums, didn't know it was being made in construct.

    Love the minimal graphics and amazing use of colour.

  • spongehammer, ethan: Thanks a lot! I'm putting a devlog here because after my first few tries I think I will need A LOT of help in making things work.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Pathfinding + layer change test

  • sved

    dude, those graphics are sweet!

  • goyo666 Thanks! I checked your game and quite like it, i'll write some feedback later on!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Now with light effects, slight blur and PARTICLES!

  • Looks nice. I think you could use a slight parallax on the background though.

  • This style, all I can say is:


    I love minimalist stuff, and can't wait to see the finished product.

  • Love the style, nice work!

  • Ethan I actually do have some parallax on the latest backgrounds, but I could cut some back trees and give them some as well. I'm trying to fake a touch zoom-in/zoom out with mouse to test all these!

    Wrangler Thanks! I wouldn't hope to see the finished product anytime soon, but I hope to have a demo within these few months ^^

    Thanks!I really like what you have going on Trambo, and great poster/box art!

    No much progress these days as I just moved house, but I'll work on making all these fancy touch controls work soon:

    ap/click on environment: walk to area/ pick up character or object

    Tap/click on character/object: pick up character or object

    Tap/click on player: drop pick ups

    Double tap/click: skip to area/pick up character or object

    Pinch in/out: zoom or dezoom the view (20 to 100%)

    Hold tap/click: pan

    Hold tap/click on player: slowly bring in menu (like S&S sworcery power) with the following:

    -     Save

    -     Load

    -     Hints

    -     Collectibles

    -     Options

    -     Quit

    Players tap the extremity of a scene to proceed to the next one.

    Players can take two items at a time in hands and will combine them automatically, but are limited to the area they found it in. They drop all objects and character they picked before leaving an area.

    Items are too heavy to be brought along by the character and will be let on the ground before leaving the area.

    Players can take the hand of a character to bring them somewhere and have them interact with the environment or other characters. Some characters may refuse to be taken or can disturb puzzles.

  • Working on bringing places of the past as places of power in our far future... ones that could still work after so many years.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Is that a solar array? Looking awesome as usual.

  • Ethan Thanks!It is a solar array, and specifically a circular one, to work with a molten salt solar plant.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I was looking for power generation installations that could look like a modern Stonehenge to our descendants, and these fit quite well! I will implement a top view of the installation in the storyline, one way or another, because they do look very mystical ^^

  • Cool idea. Your character reminds me of E.T. lol

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