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  • Heeey,

    I thought I'd share my project a lil' bit. It's a fangame project that combines the two games Sonic the Hedgehog and Portal. Basically Sonic with a Portal gun. ).

    The only plugins I have used as far as I remember is "Paster" (for portal crop effects) and "Nickname" (for making spawning stuff/level editor stuff in-game a lot easier), and the "Light" plugin (for raycasting, for some reason everything I tried in the event sheet would give a terrible FPS drop, but this plugin works amazingly). Everything else is all vanilla Construct 2, including the item physics (built-in physics behaviour), Sonic's movement (handmade by me using the Event system), and the portal physics.

    There's a lot more features to show and to create, but I hope to try and get something playable out soon, rather than just showing footage over and over.

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    What are your thoughts? Seem like something you would play? You a fan of Sonic or Portal and think this seems nicely executed? Let me know any feedback, it is much appreciated

  • I know Portal but i never played it but i like Sonic and its a good mix , good job

  • Wow! That is some impressive stuff! Haha this is not going to be a simple game, each level might take some time to complete, which is good in a sense that there are many things for the player to do and playing time is high. Haha If I had this on SEGA when I was 10, I think it would have increased my IQ much more than just playing golden axe!

  • Looking very impressive. I love the portals

  • Didn't know want to think reading the thread title, but this somehow makes a lot of sense.

  • I think this brilliant, & if I were you I'd lose both the trademarks & make it your own thing, with a metroid style character & scenery. The combination of those mechanics is original enough.

    One of my wip's is something with portal-inspired mechanics, & was going to add portals like yours (nice idea using paster). I'm using Rojohound's Chipmunk physics port which lets you do proper raycasting & collision filtering among other things, might be worth a look.

    Some gifs: ... kables.gif ... sers_2.gif ... ters_1.gif

  • I would like to know how to do Sonic-like physics. Can you put up a .capx file of the game?

  • Great implementation. Would love to play it soon. For me the background is too dark to see against. Maybe using a dark grey would help.

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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! It's very nice to hear such a positive response I had the idea that people would think this stuff was dumb because it's based on already existing ideas, mechanics, and assets, which just seems lazy and somewhat uncreative. Very relieving to hear responses like this!


    Your game looks awesome! Looks very polished and refined, and I really like the portal-inspired mechanics and feel of the game. That rope physics reminds me of the game Worms with the Ninja rope

    Thanks for the positive suggestion about removing the whole link to "Portal" and "Sonic". It's a great idea and it makes a lot of sense, but as of now, I honestly want to keep this project as a free fangame. I'm very curious about seeing people's opinions on how I implement an idea with something more familiar, rather than trying to attract people into a new game with a totally different character set and lore. I have many other ideas to try and execute in the future, but this project is a lil experiment to see what I can do.


    It's pretty tricky if you are not familiar with trigonometry, but definitely interesting to learn. I'd personally not like to hand-out the capx for the time being because I haven't really gone anywhere with this and it's been months of work, but I'm happy to help walk you through how to make it or point you to material that could help you understand how it can be done. There was someone that was making a behaviour that you can put onto a sprite that instantly grants you a practically perfect Sonic movement (better than what I've done in events), but the forums that contained this are currently down. The forums are located at this website, although I'm not sure when they will be back up:


    Thanks! Yeah it's been hard to figure out how to setup the scenery, I want to keep the Sonic assets, but they are so bright and colourful that you cannot see portals too well. Darkening it has been a decent temporary fix in order to raise the visibility of the portals, but you are right, I should reconsider the colour scheme.

  • Sanic with a Portal Gun. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

  • This looks amazing would defnitly play.

    Small question did you do the zooming with layerscale?

  • This is really great. Love the mix of concepts!

  • Thanks everyone. It's great seeing feedback!


    Yeah, well, not LAYERscale, but LAYOUTscale.

  • How do you create the rope behavior?

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