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  • The progress is definitely top quality! I'm convinced the game will do great both during the campaign time and months to come after it's release.

  • Parallax test for lab level. Needs some tweaking (parallax layers need to be bumped up to a power of two) but it's a decent start.

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  • Annnnndddd I'm Greenlit!

  • More parallax testing. Gotta tweak that middle layer so it doesn't look so much like building-tops :p

  • Test of all Level 3 (Helix's Laboratory) art and set pieces. GIF randomly speeds up; not sure why :\

  • Been working on coding Level 3 enemies. Unfortunately this means nothing cool to show yet since I use placeholder art while coding

    Good news is that, according to schedule, I am ahead by one week. However I'm sure that will change soon I just finished all 3 new enemies yesterday and will start on their art this week. Hopefully I'll have something cool to show off by the end of this weekend.

  • Two new enemies!

    Up first is Headshot. Erratic robot head that shoots a spread shot.

    Next is the Infected Robot. He staggers around and then will vomit in your direction. Still working on vomit art. Currently he vomits bullets

  • Finally wrapped my head around passing along parameters to a master object. Right here I have a function passing different bullet parameters (animation, gravity, speed) for different enemies to a single bullet object. Setting up the object UID as param(0) was my hangup.

  • All Level 3 enemies. Might add a re-skin of a non-projectile enemy. A lot of bullets flying around!

  • congrats on the greenlight mate!

    Level 3 is nearly survival horror ºoº someones been doing very f+kkdup experiments with them robots! I love how each level has its own theme and palette (better with homogeneous black btw), yet everything look consistent as a whole too.

    Keep on rocking!

  • Thanks! Yeah this level is a bit creepy. It didn't start out that way but I'm running with it!

  • First pass on the Level 3 boss. Largest boss yet! All code is in; just figuring out the art.

  • Looking awesome! Great job.

  • Still cranking away! The end is almost in sight!

    How's the game going, man?

    • Pushed a new test build out to some playtesters that included new features and levels
    • Brought a friend on board to do all cut scene art
    • Built checkpoint system
    • Squashed a ton of bugs
    • Added analog stick support
    • A ton of other small clean-ups

    What's left, dude?

    • Cut scenes and level design for Level 3
    • Everything for Level 4 (art, enemies, boss, etc)
    • A few main features (power-ups, controller schemes)
    • Steam support (anxious about this!)
    • That dreaded last 10%!

    Still aiming for a Late Spring / Early Summer release. I still have a ton of work ahead of me but feels good to be somewhere around or past the 50% mark. Delegating out the cut scene art really took a bunch of weight off my shoulders.

  • Back on schedule!

    Spent a chunk of time setting up a check point system. Was tricky getting it to reset between layouts.

    I also set up double-jumping. This will be a power-up.

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