Slappy Burd 0.09 (POLISHED) UPDATED September 5th

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  • So I got fed up still seeing Flappy Bird everywhere I go, so I made this!

    Updated the keyboard controls for you foreigners Let me know if this works you guys!

    Slappy Burd 0.08

    NEW v0.09

    Slappy Burd 0.09

    • Fixed a couple of bugs
    • Polished it quite a (thanks to LiteTween - such an awesome plugin - THANKS LUNARRAY!)
    • Added the kilt move (I was going to leave this for the premium Android version - which is why the previous HTML5 version didn't include it)
    • Added a quit button (well... surrender flag on the main menu ;p)

    The way I had the kilt move before, was when the player beat the hiscore, it was activated.. it's basically an extra life.. is this better than just having it activated at the beginning of every game?


    p right punch

    . right kick

    q left punch

    z left kick (or y for foreign keyboards)

    SPACE restart


    9, 3, 7, 1

    5 to restart

    Tutorial mode (accessed from main menu) will only guide you through using a touchscreen device, although you can just click through using the mouse, then use your preferred keys setup from above.

    It's hard at first, but once you get into a rhythm.. Although keeping that rhythm is even harder (at least for me!). Because of this, the difficulty doesn't increase. Depending on feedback, I may increase the difficulty slightly every 10 seconds or something.

    ALL feedback, good or bad, is welcome. Hope you like

    It's also on Google Play... Slappy Burd Google Play

  • Needs a combo.

    Like udurllrl= Leprechaun toss

    Just need to figure out how to do the rainbow arc, and the trajectories of the coins when they fly out of the pot of gold... at the end of the rainbow... and hit all the flappies

  • haha nice. Yeah I did think about combos, but that'd be quite a bit of work implementing. Then there's the animations..... maybe for Slappy Burd 2: Super Hyper Toss

    BTW, Leprechaun is an Irish thing.. this is Scottish.. ;p I guess caber toss would work, but wouldn't be as funny..

  • Great sense of humour

    love it

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  • DARTH Crusher, glad you like and thanks for checking it out!

  • .....aaaaand... finally got round to finishing it off today and have now put it on Google Play Installs and plays nicely. I used CocoonJS. Was pretty much straightforward but Google Play doesn't make it easy the way they word things, but I got there in the end! I think I'll have a read of their docs over the weekend ;p


  • Fantastic!!!

    I'm sure there's a BIG audience out there, for this game. I know of many wee lads and lassies who'd pay a wedge of money to give that bampot bird a good whacking.

    Superb game, hope it does really well

  • Blacksmith Thanks man!

    hahah I hope there is an audience but hey, at least I learned how to get a game on Google Play with it if nothing else. That was a huge hurdle for me.. just could not be arsed following the steps etc but it's actually easier than it looks, but is still a little arsey in the beginning.. It was Google Play's dev console that took a while to get my head around.

    So I noticed there's a nasty bug urgh.. play a game.. die.. press menu to go back to main menu.. then press play on main menu.. tada score has vanished (I noticed it scroll off when going back to the main menu.. obviously I buggered it in that transition... simple fix though).

    So having to update the apk again, will keep the process of using those tools etc in my mind so no biggie. It's all experience ;p

    Another thing is the permissions when installing on the device... didn't notice until I installed on my android phone from Google Play... came back to these forums to see wtf... and apparently the problem is with Ludei's and it hasn't been sorted yet :/ That could really affect reviews if not downloads. Need to dig deeper on that one too..

  • very nice for touch devices!!

  • gillenew thanks

  • procrastinator,

    Yeah, Google certainly makes you jump through some hoops when uploading an app. And Ludei's insistence on including every single permission that's ever been thought of, can be quite annoying. Although I think they've reduced that number in the latest build. Anyway it's all a part of life's great journey I guess! Wow that sounded pretty deep!

    Glad to see you've fixed the score issue! I've downloaded the game and rated it 5*

    Now it's time to sit back and wait for the dosh to come rolling in! I read that Flappy Bird was coining 50k a day, at its peak. That would be nice huh

  • needs the possibility to rearrange keys, or you should use other keys. "Z" and "Y" is always a bad idea to hard code as for some the "Z" is on the lower right (as I think yours is) but for others it is in the top row in the middle. Very hard to play this way.

  • 1000000000000000/10 -IGN

    Cool game xD

  • Blacksmith Yeah it's not only the hoops, it's the way they word things. Mostly my issues were with releasing a test version but could not for the life of me get that to work, so I just published it. Big risk, but thankfully there were no issues.. so far :}

    I hadn't fixed the score issue by the time you posted. I'd been up 48 hours, so was tired by that point and didn't want to mess things up from my lack of sleep. Fixed now though

    No dosh will roll in since it's a free app. But I have a few ideas for a premium version. Want to see how the free version takes off before I go ahead with that. 50k a day WOULD be nice! Hell I'd even be happy with 50k a year right now ;p

    Ubivis Yeah I could only arrange the keys according to the keyboard I have. I will update it so the player can customize their keys, but since this was really meant for mobile devices, that's quite a low priority. Thanks for the reminder though

    Wisdoms hahah glad you like and thanks for checking it out!

  • Ubivis


    Updated the controls for you foreign guys ;p Z is lower left for me.. soz I completely forgot about other keyboard layouts.. hope this one works better for you!

    Everade, thanks man! Glad you also get a kick (pardon the pun) out of beating up that annoying birdie! Yeah the keyboard layout is retarded if you have to press Z in the middle of the top row! hahah Hopefully it's less retarded now ;p

    Have updated the main post but here it is here to save yous going back to that page..

    Slappy Burd Keyboard Update

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