Skygear-01 Black Phantom - Space shooter [WIP]

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  • In Skygear-01 Black Phantom you live in the year 3801 and control a bounty hunter named Giles, who lives wandering the space in his Loctus9 mother ship.

    The Skygears are the most powerful fighting ships hitherto created, no one knows for sure the number of ships and so little what is the best, but what is known is that each module has distinct characteristics as the strike force, and delay between shots.

    Each module also has special abilities, such as: Hyper-speed (ability to leave everything in slow motion unless you); Speed ??dash (ability to project to one direction at high speed); Black energy shield (ability to absorb impact without receiving any damage) and countless others.

    Giles has a favorite Skygear, the M01, one of six rare Skygears what is known, and that in spite of very old and somewhat obsolete, is very agile and tough when it comes to fighting.

    A few years ago Giles was involved in an incident caused by the mysterious Black Phantom, being unknown biological that destroyed several galaxies with his mighty army. Since then Giles walked away from his friends to live a solitary life, earning money as a mercenary, bounty hunter and participating in deadly races through space.

    Still not sure which why Giles have chosen to become a hermit, but probably has to do with Black Phantom and cosmic apocalypse.


  • Looking good, got a demo or video?

  • These visuals give me hope for the future.


  • gradius!!

    like the dark cyberpunky look of the menus.

  • I really like your art style, and i hope you keep making these great games

  • frn2000 - I put a video demonstration

    RandomFellow - thank you! The humanity is getting God will

    - Gradius is awesome, I took a lot of inspiration from him. I had not yet seen the interface cyberpunky. it was very similar even in colors :O

    Wisdoms - Thank you, I'm doing my best to release those games, very much appreciate the support you are giving me

  • #Update

    Upgrade Screen:

    I will put this schema upgrade, the player can buy new upgrades for your ship with the money acquired in the game

  • Looks really good! love the mix between pixel and digital art in the promo picture.

  • Derqs - Thank you, I'm learning to fuse pixel art with a bit of digital painting, an interesting result for backgrounds or illustrations

    New image

  • New shot video

  • gillenew Looks cool!, i'd love to hear some amazing 8-bit sound effects and music in the game

  • Wisdoms I Will put the sound in the next video 😊

  • The Pictures remind me of an old game i used to play a lot...i guess it was called "Dove"

    Great job!

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  • Beaverlicious thank you, this game is purely retro feeling

  • gillenew Just saw some your work, and I think it looks awesome! I am looking for some cool games for my upcomming webshops, and would therefore like to ask what your price is, if you should develop a 2D Towerdefends - withour animations, for my page?

    If we say that the game should contain about 40 waves, 4-6 enermies, 4 towers and so on?

    Have a nice day

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