Simple endless space dodge em game

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  • hey all, just wanted to see if anyone was interested in having a go at and providing feedback for my latest build of my first simple game. If you are a couple of notes first:

    best played on mobile however joystick can be controlled by holding click down on mouse

    on mobile it is best played as independent web app (open link in chrome, menu, add to home screen and then launch from created icon)

    No sound yet, haven't found music that I feel really suited the game (open to suggestions here)

    no ads or anything in test versions so don't worry about that only one is a small overlay at bottom right of screen by the web host provider.

    Best played in landscape

    thankyou and good luck. One last thing would appreciate it if you could post the best score and average score you got while playing thanks.

  • Whats there is cool, keep going.

    The background could use more depth, some parallaxing layers could easily help there, i guess.

    On the design side, are you planning anything to make use of x-axis movement? Right now theres not much point to moving forward and backward, players will always want to fall back the furthest possible to more time to react.

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  • I found after the 20second mark when it starts to spawn 2 asteroids at a time you need to move forward in some parts to go over an asteroid to give you enough time to get under the next 2 as you fall back, if that makes sense. Trying to keep it fairly straightforward and polish what I have now to completion to be my first game release and may make different modes for it after I feel this is as smooth as possible

  • Updated to totally different background for a more cartoonish feel to the game, also added a second style of asteroid, music and an explosion SFX on collision. There is a game breaker bug in this update where it will stop spawning asteroids and as such will just run forever with nothing to do, if this happens need to re open app at the moment. I know how to fix it and will do if I get time over next 2 days. A related bug also means it will randomly spawn 2 asteroids before the 200 score mark. This will be fixed at the same time.

    In this update I'm interested to hear feedback on:

    1. Should I remove the speed up at 100 score and just have it all start a little faster,

    2. Feedback on music choice

    3. Feedback on graphics (menu, play button, ship and background)

    4. Explosion SFX volume level(at the moment -10db compared to music volume)

    Thanks for any and all feedback

    Edit: forgot link ,

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