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  • Something I am tinkering with since I am more of a programmer than artist I thought minimal art design might be cool. So I went with this kinda hand drawn pixel style. The animations were done by tracing over sprite sheets with a 1 pixel brush. Let me know what you think. This is still in the early stages, but I like it so far.



    Arrow Keys-Move/Jump


    360 Gamepad






  • Re-did all the art for the hero character. I like this pen drawing look better than the sharper pixel I had before. Hoping to get all the art I have in the game so far transferred over to this new art style. Also introduced the "creator" basically it is a disembodied hand that creates everything in the drawn world.

  • It's kinda cool. I'll be watching to see where you go with this, it looks interesting.

  • Thanks, I got all the art swapped out now for the in class ball point pen doodle kinda style I'm going for. I need to pick up some graph paper so I can do better hand drawn tile maps. My process right now is basically draw on printer paper, scan it in, get rid of the white background, and line everything up in Photoshop. What I like about it, is I can add any enemy I want just as a persons doodle. I may even have some friends try and draw up some stuff.

    If you are still seeing dark black pixel line art you may need to clear your image cache for the art to update properly.

  • I think it's cool. You're right, it looks better in the pen. Even the classic 'blob' enemy seems fresh. If you're going to go with this style, why use the graph paper? I think the more freehand look would be even better then tracing the graph paper. Unless of course you're going to be making tiles, then the graph paper would make more sense.

  • Yes the graph paper will be used primarily for tile maps. It will also be super helpful in spacing the animation frames so when I get them into Photoshop I don't have to fudge with them as much as I do now, getting them aligned for a sprite sheet.

    Side note if anyone is bored and wants to contribute some art you are more than welcome. Blue ball point pen on plan white paper. I say this because I will literally have to hand draw every frame of every animation for every enemy. So it is going to be quite the endeavor.

  • The more simple the animations the better IMO. By the way, is there a way to get past that first high jump in the game? lol

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  • Tapping jump will short jump, holding jump will high jump.

  • I figured out my issue. Like most things, the high jump doesn't work in firefox. It works as it should in chrome though.

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